Why List With Cport Sites?


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You can get online in less than 5 minutes WITHOUT a web site!

With vast options available to small business out there in business advertising mediums on the web, to succeed you need to be able to distinguish yourself and there is only one way to do that …. and that is listing with cOZport.

Do you advertise?

What would you like that advertising to do for you?

Does your current advertising deliver your vision?

Do you have an advertising budget?

What if you could increase the customer traffic through your door – with a minimal spend – (much less than a traditional print ad or yellow pages spot in a book or on the Google machine…..

The customers looking for you go directly from the initial search request to you.



Would you be interested?

cOZport.com is the answer.

Put your information in once and forget it – unless you want to REALLY get some people through the door – then all you have to do is have a few generous discount days per month    and collect your customers names so that you can build a relationship with them.

What?  Build a relationship?  How do you do that?????????????????

It sounds like a lot of work and time being spent away from what you really want to be doing – after you are already tired from just running your business.

This is different… yeah……..  truly different.


Enter your business information once and watch the chain of social networking necessary to be in front of today’s mobile customers.

Making a special announcement about a sales or campaign is as easy as filing out a form –

Don’t feel like filling out a form?  Send us your ad and we will do it for you. Yep – we will post it for you and get the whole thing going.

For more information come see us at cOZport.com.au.

Have you heard of twitter?  Squidoo, Facebook, social networking?


That is why you need it taken care of…. it’s a pain in the proverbial @#$%.

OK, you say, how do you do this?  Why should I pay you?

With the power of the one common dot com website, you become a part of a global community of businesses.

Experience the difference of having people streaming through the door – increasing not only the number of sales you are making, but getting to know your customers too, which may mean each sale value increases along with the traffic…   hmmm…. sounds yummy doesn’t it?

For more information come see us at cOZport.com.au

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