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I help businesses advertise online. I love being in business and sharing ideas and ways people can grow and improve their own businesses. I especially like talking with other business owners – as I find them to be dynamic and interesting.

Using my systems analyst abilities along with my experience as a business owner for 20+ years and my partner’s engineering and programming experience , we developed a dynamite online marketing solution that is affordable for any size business.

Why did we do this?

I love business! It excites me to learn new ways to use the internet and create other streams of income for my existing businesses and for my client’s.  I truly love working with businesses to discover ideas and ways they can reach customers in different ways.

I decided to turn this into a web site to address many issues facing business owners today.

Our vision is create a “go to” site for our client’s future customers. We achieve this by providing high value exposure for our advertisers using well written information relating to the brands, products and services our advertisers sell each day in their businesses.    This, in turn, will result in powerful lead generation bringing in new, enthusiastic buyers.

My partner and I pride ourselves in delivering the best we can for our clients.

We have developed cOZport using internet marketing techniques to help promote businesses. I love playing games with the Google spiders and bots, I feed them regularly!

We are continuously improving and refining the internet marketing techniques used within our site to ensure our advertisers are on the cutting edge of the web as an advertising medium.

My ability to spot trends and develop solutions for businesses wanting to gain more online exposure is one of the passions behind the start up of this business venture.

Keyword/Phrase Definition!

We identify the “buyer” keywords customers are using every day, every hour to locate shops or online businesses just like yours and deliver this to you in our “Explosive Buyer Keyword Report”.  This is available for free with your Premiere Ad on cOZport.

This research can also help with new content development and identifying trends of searchers.

This content is used for online marketing which in turn generates more leads.

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