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cOZport.com.au is marketing automation software on your computer! The single most important factor to the search engines, robots & spiders is fresh, regularly updated information (content). A static web site won’t allow you to do this without a content management system, and some CMS can be very expensive

I am happy to help any member in the following areas:


We identify the “buyer” keywords customers are using every day, every hour to locate shops just like yours and deliver this to you in our  “Explosive Buyer Keyword Report”.
This research can also help with new content development and identifying trends of searchers.


We apply cOZport’s 12 point checklist to your site to identify tips and tricks to easily improve your sites “pull power”.  The tips are low cost, (or free), easy fixes than make a BIG difference.  Then we cover each page on your site from the top to the bottom to make sure we have done all the On Page improvements available.


Using the “Explosive Buyer Keyword Report” we now identify the right words to use for new pages on your site – this can help add interesting content and news about your products, brands/services in words the actual Google searchers are using.


The Search Engines (including Google, MSN and the rest), want you to “love” your web site – but that sort of love takes time, and may not always be an easy thing to do – no worries – we do it all automatically for you. By being a part of a massive web site that is updated many times during the day you get the advantages of new content without the hassle of doing it all yourself.


User Generated Content (USG) is the hottest thing on the internet today – and will continue to grow in importance into the future – we have people interacting with our site and they leave questions that point to new trends.  We share those trends with you if it is a match to your business. Stay ahead of your competition by meeting your customers head on with the information they are looking for

Then we will start working on links – the next MAJOR PHASE of an internet presence.

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