Create PT Wealth – Personal Trainers Business Building Seminar in Sydney

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How We Earned Over $100,000 in Less Than
12 Months as a Personal Trainer

AND Worked

Less Than 20 Hours Per Week!


For The First Time Ever… Two of Australia’s leading personal trainer entrepreneurs reveal all their closely guarded secrets to making a fortune as a personal trainer…

Better Still… We will show you the little-known strategies to have a regular flow of hungry high paying qualified clients who pay on time – Every Time!… Without pouring money down the drain on ads that don’t work… PLUS have your business running on autopilot…

So NO More Chasing Clients and Money!


Here’s A Sneak Preview Of What’s To Come … And I promise you this will not be one of those over the top, long and
boring sales copy pages. The reality is, if you seen our video and like what you’ve heard already, you will quickly know if attending this event is for you or not.

Ok, let’s have that Sneak Preview of what we will cover at our event…

  • How to have Eager & Motivated Qualified clients calling you, without you chasing them. This enables you a way to have predictable income to reduce financial stress.
  • How to Earn passive income or increase your current passive income by up to $2,500 or more per week, in less than 6-months. Imagine being away on holidays for 6-weeks in a stunning location, your business is printing money.
  • How to Convert 9/10 Sales Appointments and overcome your fear of selling. If you are currently closing 3 or 4 out of 10 clients, then being able to close 9 out of 10 with increase your profits by 50%.

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