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facebook has introduced their new “TIMELINE” format for all pages – personal and Fanpages (now called… you guessed it!!  Timeline!).          Fan Pages are now Timelines!

For the personal pages it is a great way to set out your life and the events that have happened to make your life memorable – it’s all about images, and frequent news about your life – what’s happening and where you are.

For business it is a great change.  The feature picture is large enough to really showcase your brand, product or message. The size of the “Cover” is 815 w x 351 h pixels, giving plenty of room to express yourself – but there is a caveat – you may not put any calls to action, pricing or purchase information.  There are many rules around the new pages – and a lot of opportunity too. You can “Pin” a special message – voucher, image to the top of your page and it will stay on top for 7 days.    More information about facebook’s changes can be found here.

Personally I love it – posts show up much more clearly, I found some spam posts easily and deleted them – which I DO recommend, have a look all the way down to the bottom of your Timeline to make sure there aren’t any unwanted posts or images.  Remember your “Timeline” page is your face to the world.

Rather than go over all the points here – they are already detailed in the pdf – more I would like to offer to help – if you need some assistance fixing hit up – or editing changing things – just ask – I am happy to help you out!

So, check it out and have fun with it – sure its different, but change is good – and this change will be a boon for businesses wanting to expand their presence online and reach a wider audience.  Why?  The engagement rate has increased by 46% since the Timeline has been introduced.  That’s a great statistic – and will probably increase as time goes on…

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