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I spent the day with Google today!

I had the most wonderful day today – at a Google Engage Masterclass held at the Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane. Sophie, Richard Catherine and Leticia were the hosts from Google.  They are all angels.

The speakers were fantastic – Stasia from Nashville in the US and David from Several places (Cardinal Path) both entertained and informed.  The style of presentation was easy to listen too and absorb.

A lot of new information was delivered; going mobile, Adwords Express, Website Optimser plus Designing for Conversions!  Amazing.

There are ten top tips to enhance your website that can affect conversion rates by 1%. Now 1% doesn’t sound like much – but when you put that in perspective over time and dollars it can be significant. here’s three of them….

  • Is your product or service demonstrable?  IN other words, is it something you can demonstrate with a video?  If so, put a video on the site.
  • Make sure your product description and call to action are above the fold
  • have the person (female or male) looking in the direction of the call to action or whatever point on the page you want the reader to go.

we had several breaks including a sumptuous lunch in the Thyme2 Brisbane Restaurant .   The food was fantastic, fresh, so many varieties, Indian everything, Seafood, Salads, Sushi, Chinese noodles,you name it – and let’s not even go to the desserts!!!

I was told by a fellow attendee to try the chocolate fountain…

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