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Cleaning off Dried Mud is Easy!

Recently 75% of Queensland, Australia was submerged in water as a result of incredibly heavy and constant rain. The 10-12 year drought was ended with a thunder clap and the sky opened up with some of the heaviest downpours I have seen since moving here 20 years ago.                                       Brisbane River Flooding

Our house is near the Bay but not the rivers, so we were fortunate to be missed with the flood waters generated  from up in the high ranges of Eastern Queensland. An island Tsunami hit several mountain towns, killings 176 confirmed with many still missing.  Houses were knocked over like the were made of Lego and a child had washed them away with the hose. Cars were carried out of parking lots and down the rising river.

Our friend’s house was one of those effected by the rising Brisbane River as it broke its banks. They watched in horror as the waters rose until nearly hitting the floorboards of the top floor and main living area; it missed it by 115mm!

We had to wait a full day to get to them as the roads were closed from the flooding.  When we finally arrived we were stunned to see the damage and devastation of their property and house. The smell is indescribable and we were in a lucky area as some sewers had burst their pipes. They had already cleaned out 3 feet of mud the first day and an army of volunteers were there by the time we were able to get through traffic.  This is a major event in Brisbane’s history and everyone is affected in one way or another.

My job was to clean out the foot square cubicles in the downstairs bedroom.  The walls had the stain of mud and were later torn down to check for water and river mud behind the  fibro panels. To help with the clean up I took along a roll of Chemical Spill material.  It was damaged with dirt and could not be sold.  Knowing the way it soaks up water and other liquids I was curious ot see what would happen.

How I used the absorbent material

I ripped of sheets of the Chemical absorbent material and used it two ways, on the wet mud and on dried mud.

When wiping off the wet mud I found it actually clung to the absorbent material!  I was amazed!  It made cleaning the shelves quick and easy. Once the pads were saturated with the mud I could rinse them out in water and use the wet absorbent material on the dried mud. Once again it lifted the dried mud right off. Because the mud was holding to the pad it made every movement more productive. It is a great feeling to see the mud wash away.

It was easy to dispose of the absorbent material in the garbage.

There are piles of ruined furniture and household belongings down all the streets that have been flooded.  The council will be picking it up and disposing of it carefully.

If you Have Mud To Clean Up…

Please contact me for free pads of the Chemical Absorbent materials, just call me on 07 3893 1547 and I will get the pads to you.  I also have bags of the absorbent material that will absorb up to 4 litres of water and muck.  I am happy to provide these materials to people with flood damage. I can courier the pads to you if you are in a remote area.

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