Integrity, Courage and Honor – Traits of a Millionaire!


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These are words that all people can live by, evoking powerful feelings for some.


To live with Integrity is to be in possession of firm principles and adhering to those standards in day-to-day life.


To act with Courage is “the ability to face danger or difficulty in situations without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action”; according to the Encarta concise English dictionary.


To act with Honor is to behave in a manner that reflects an active decision to value ourselves and others through adherence to ethical principles.


Courage is also the ability to show resourcefulness, resoluteness, determination – whether physical, mental or moral – against a wide range of difficulties and dangers.


Courage is speaking up when you see a person being hurt.


Courage is coming to another person’s aid, even though your life might be in danger.


Great acts of courage and heroism are seen in the worst of times and show what a person is truly made of.


You can build that inside of yourself – and be ready to step up when the time comes.


How can you do this?  One way is to regain your faith in other people and in yourself.


Faith in others… and faith in yourself.


Faith in mankind is imperative to our future, in love, life or business.


Believe that people are inherently good and you will have pleasant experiences in your life. If you believe that people are there to help you and that they’ll do the best for you at all times, that is what will happen, again and again. It’s the law of attraction.


This doesn’t mean allow yourself to be taken advantage of – you must have the ability to determine if a person is trustworthy – whether it’s a gut feeling or doing enough research on a person (it’s easy enough these days to find out where someone has come from and how they conduct themselves).


If you believe in others it is easy to stand by them and be courageous in times of need. Having faith in your fellow man and woman will open your heart to a higher place where it is possible to see the needs of others. If you can help, you must.


Conducting your business or personal life with integrity can enhance your experience of each day and other’s interactions with you.


In business it can build trust if operations are conducted by upholding professional standards and applying firm principles and core values.


In your personal life, relationships based on integrity of actions and words are the sort of thing love stories are written about!  The wholeness of a relationship will not be tested if each person involved commits to acting with integrity – even if it’s not spoken out loud to the other person – but revealed as the consistent evidence of a promise to oneself.


Get out of your comfort zone and be courageous in your actions.


Act with honor and integrity with those in your sphere of influence.


You will be amazed at the path that opens.

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