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What if you could only breathe through a straw – imagine how hard it would be to run and play with your children?

Imagine having to struggle for every breath, every day, until one day you can’t take any more air in?

This is what Sharlie Ross Kaltenbach has to deal with every day.   Sharlie has Cystic Fibrosis and may not have very much more time to spend with her young son and husband, family and friends.

There is a way everyone can help though.

Have you ever heard about the 10 Formula (©Tina Williams)?

The 10 Formula involves exploiting the exponential power of social media.

So much can be done using social media, communication and mobile advertising to spread the word about events, causes and people.

I would like to introduce you to a very special person, Sharlie Ross Kaltenbach.


Listen to this story…               link to site


Would you like to be a part of a powerful global human event?

Would you like to help  save a life? A young mother with a failing lung  needs your help.

How you might ask, can I help Sharlie?

Well, by sharing Sharlie’s story with friends, family and charity groups you CAN do a lot.

Our goal is to raise the $1 million dollars needed to give Sharlie new lungs, and a chance to see her little boy grow into a young man and see her grand children play in the garden.

The movement to help Shalrie will grow as more and more people hear her story.  You can share her story just by passing this email on.

Sometimes  we are asked to help people we have never met; people in far off places; the thought of making a difference to millions is overwhelming.

But to help Sharlie is so much more real, possible; it’s something each of us can do – you might not be able to donate money right now – but there is one thing you CAN do.

You can help us use the 10 Formula and get the message out.  By sending a link to Sharlie’s story – you can even use this article if you like – just copy and paste it right into the New emails section of your provider and send it to your entire list.

The person you pass this onto MIGHT be able to donate something and help raise the money Shalrie needs for the lung transplant operation and rehabilitation she needs to continue living.

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