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Why You Need to Try the EZ Pillars of Cash System….


I started with the Offline Blueprint over a year ago – finding it when I was leading a group of people around the world in the ebook creation process, and we decided the “Offline” niche was gold.  (We wrote Offline Business Online Wealth”).

I used the ideas, but my approach wasn’t quite right and it fell, frankly, a bit flat…

Then I was exposed to the 9 day Elite Video Challenge with Maria and Christopher Griffin  back in December 2010– it was brilliant and at the time they gave away the initial video tools needed to get started – I loved that and saw how that was something very different that I could offer to my directory clients as well as offline clients not yet involved in my directory.

At the same time I started pushing myself away from the computer desk and getting out the door – and doing some networking.  In the past when I tried my pitch it wasn’t greeted with much enthusiasm as a directory advertising by this time as passe’, but once I had the videos – what a change..

I started by taking a bottle of wine with a mini-shoe polish kit attached and making a card, it said something like “Gas up the Car and polish your shoes and get ready for all the new customers you will be seeing when you become a video star!”  I gave a “free” video ad away and valued this at $500.00.

I took this to a networking event and as a bonus for taking a raffle prize each person has the opportunity to get up and tell about their business.  When I told what the prize was there were audible “ooohs and ahhhs” from the audience, as I walked back to my seat the peeps were clawing at me to get my card!

I got one client from that meeting – doesn’t sound like much – but I repeated this several times, hooking new clients each time. I would ask people if I could give them a “free” video ad, real estate agents and computer teachers.  They were all happy with them and I got better at it.

I also did a little “offline” direct mail marketing. One fact I had up my sleeve was the Yellow Pages Print book had just been delivered that day – I felt a bit “dirty” opening it – but realised it is a local lead generation goldmine.  I also had a list of brand new businesses that gets sent to me at odd occasions. I reviewed the list of new businesses, compared that to the yellow pages, and saw that most had not made it in. So I composed a letter stating something like “If you just missed the latest yellow Pages print edition, don’t despair – there is help!  Included was an outline of possible services offered via my directory site. This brought in one client out of the 9 letters sent (one came back).

In the time  it took to meet with him the “9 day Elite Video Start Challenge” had finished so there was another service I could offer.

He wound up taking a bundled package of two websites and a video – for $897.00 (this was a big leap from my $250.00 website deals).  He was thrilled.  I also used the videos a as sweetener for my directory advertisers as a USP.

Then, at the very beginning of the year, I was invited to Maria’s Mastermind webinars, and the first two were called “Maria’s’ Top Ten Trends for 2011”.  I listened to both of the recording several times as they were GOLD.

Also, a chance to buy a set of interviews was sent to Maria’s list – and I opted just to buy one interview with her ($7.00) this was the best $7.00 I spent so far!  From that I learned how to make $10,000 per month in the first 3 months of landing in a new city where no one knew my name – and $20,000 per month within 6 months.

The technique Maria demonstrated was a HUGE shift in my brain – a real game changer – I could finally value my time and go for the big upsell. AND my brain believed it!  I generated the list of 5 services for $500.00.

After that Maria sent out invitations to the 90 day Cash Now Challenge – and she and Art encouraged us to find a product to sell.  I didn’t want to do any other affiliate products  – I had already investigated this for another group and was not impressed with what was out there – so I decided to write a book about the 10 trends Maria had identified and give them a twist – hence 8 Core Values was born.  I wrote it in 3 weeks.

What happened next?  Well, while I was in the 90 Day Cash Now Challenge, Maria started up another challenge, “Software Riches Made Easy”. The investment of cash was genuine – and a great deal. Having already received so much benefit from Maria and Art’s mentoring I knew it would be worth every cent. SO I signed up0!

In the meantime I continued to go to other networking events, each time taking a prize, giving away videos and now my 5 services for $500.00 each detailed on a A5 flier.  Breakfasts, lunches you name it I was out there! Now I was starting to get word of mouth referrals.  After a month I raised the price to $1,000.00 for some of the services!

A couple of the ladies I met at the networking event are real go-getters and involved in fund raising.  They asked me to make a donation for an event that is coming up in April, a lunch to benefit “The Spinal Injuries Association”.  And guess what I did – right, I donated $1,000.00 of my services and gave them the list of 5 things to choose from. My name and company logo will now be put on their web site in a “Thumbs Up” Section, included in the brochures, the AV presentation during the night, 580 guests will be in attendance and include top business people in the financial, legal, accounting, investment, manufacturing and construction sectors. Great exposure for no money down.

The ladies also organised a “showcase” of 10 businesses as we are tired of networking – I had my videos featured on a laptop and a little Banner stand for my book.  Turns out a local politician won the copy of the book, and the video was won by the Style rep for Westfields Shopping Centres!! I was able to get 5 solid leads from that event. One of them is a wedding directory owner – and she has a lot of customers in that realm.

We were talking about the Pillars of Marketing and scheduling marketing according to upcoming holidays and known events.  She uses a hard form of a calendar and puts in future marketing to be done – then works 3 months ahead to make sure it is done and dusted by the time the event comes around – always staying ahead and being prepared.  I had an idea – what if you could do that on the web – instead of having to cart the big unwieldy calendar around – yes . my first customer for the Core Scheduler – and I may be able to get her to partially fund the development!


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