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Brisbane Flood Disaster Update 13 Jan 2011:

20,000 homes have now been affected by the flood water with 4,000 streets submerged.

Here is some more information that may be useful to flood victims and thier families:

1.    Emergency Contact Numbers
State Emergency Service 132 500
Police for life threatening emergencies 000 for non life threatening situations contact police on 131 444
Disaster Recovery Hotline 1800 173 349
Energex 131 962

2.    Donations
Donations can be made to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal by direct debit or phone 1800 219 028.  Only monetary donations are being called for.  By donating funds it assists recovery in two major ways.  It enables the funds to be directly spent in the affected communities in local businesses thereby promoting economic recovery for the region.  This inturn ensures that only those goods and services that are most important are obtained reducing the amount of waste generated from well meaning, yet at times unwanted or unnecessary donations.

3.    Volunteering
The best way to help during any emergency is to help your family, friends and neighbours first.  This recovery will be a long and protracted process.  It will require much patience and understanding and will potentially have long term psychosocial effects on the affected community.  To help out further contact Volunteering Queensland and register your interest or call 1800 994 100.

4.    Grants
There are a number of flood relief grants available to individuals and businesses.  Information on these can be obtained from the Queensland Department of Communities online or by calling 1800 713 349.  Centrelink can be contacted on 180 2266 and small business can also contact the Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority on 1800 623 946.

Professional recovery assistance for business and governments

Adarna Consulting are offering assistance to businesses in their recovery efforts as a result of the floods.  If you or any of your clients require professional recovery assistance then we can help.
A few suggestions on areas that we can assist businesses are below:
– Development of recovery plans and strategies to rebuild businesses
– Strategies to ensure business continuity during the recovery period
– Staff management and welfare during flood recovery
– Assistance with accessing disaster relief grants; and
– Professional debrief of owners, management and staff.

Local and State Government Agencies
Adarna Consulting is well placed to help all levels of Government in this important task and have extensive experience in emergency management, particularly flooding, and whole of government emergency preparedness, response and recovery operations.
We can assist in a number of ways including:
– Conduct of after action reviews to identify lessons learned including organisational debriefing, key person interviews, focused workshops and surveys will contribute to improving plans, processes and procedures.
– Recovery planning
– Implementation of recovery programs and projects;
– Community consultation and recovery needs analysis;
– Survey design, delivery and analysis; and
– Reporting.

Assistance to businesses and governments in affected areas of Queensland and Northern NSW during the flood recovery will be offered on a proportionate pro-bono basis to enable them to reduce their flood recovery costs.

Adarna Consulting Pty Ltd

PO Box 206

Coorparoo, Queensland 4151

Brisbane River is rising as has the water levels from the Wivenhoe Dam down to the Brisbane CBD. The electricity has been turned off in the CBD and public transport is shut down. The trains are still running. The Inner City Bypass is also closed. The hospitals are all open.

Here is a list of Disaster Support and Recovery Advice Services:

Disaster Recovery Support and Advice

  • State Emergency Service (13 25 01)
  • Disaster Recovery Line – through Department of Communities (1800 173 349)
  • DEEDI Customer Service Centre (13 25 23)
  • BEC’s support to Small and Micro Business via business advisors. 07 32827999
  • Structural Assistance Grant – (means tested) up to $10,500/individual or $14,200/family for repair to uninsured residences to habitable and secure condition.
  • Primary Producer and Small Business Assistance – up to $25,000 to cover the cost arising from direct damage and assist businesses to start trading asap.  Consists of $5,000 for immediate relief and $20,000 reimbursement.
  • Fodder assistance – arrange fodder drops to stranded livestock through Agforce or DEEDI.
  • Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements – up to $250,000 through concessional loans through QRAA for primary producers and small businesses plus $5,000 freight subsidies for primary producers.
  • Farm Financial counseling (free and confidential) – for primary producers to help manage floods and other impacts. (13 25 23)
  • Assistance to manage pest and disease outbreaks – DEEDI Customer Support (13 25 23)
  • RSPCA (1300 852 188) – for support with pets
  • Online support with Risk Management and Continuity Planning through DEEDI online (
  • Sport and Recreational clubs – Disaster Recovery Program – up to $5,000 to replace damaged equipment and $20,000 reimbursement for infrastructure through SportRec (1300 656 191)
  • Personal Hardship Assistance grant – up to $170/person up to a ceiling of $850/family of five or more people
  • Essential Household Contents Grant – up to $1705/individual or $5120/family to cover the replacement/repair of uninsured essential household content
  • Lifeline Community Care – 24/7 telephone counseling service(13 11 14)
  • Red Cross – Coping with major personal crisis (1800 035 749)
  • Salvation Army Care Line (1300 363 622)
  • Employment Service and Job Network (Centrelink) – (13 28 50)
  • Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme – for customers unable to pay their electricity bill (13 74 68)
  • Scammers taking advantage of natural disastors – Fair Trading hotline (13 74 68)
  • Emergency Waste Removal through the local council.
  • Insurance Advice through Insurance Council hotline (1300 728 228)
  • Tenants and landlord advice for natural disaster victims through Residential Tenancy Authority (1300 366 311)
  • Building Services Authority Disaster Recovery – advice on rebuilding and repairing damaged homes (1300 272 272)
  • Disaster Recovery Payment – $1,000/adult and $400/child for hardship from flooding through Centrelink.

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