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With a long and successful career spanning 20 years in Travel, Hospitality & Trade Industries, I have an extensive skill set and an approachable, easy going manner. As a trained Performance Partner, my area of expertise is producing results in small to medium sized enterprises. A wife, mother and business owner herself, I know first-hand the importance of creating a healthy balance between work and family.

Business Coaching is Business Building!


Implementing the systems, strategies, structures and coaching methodologies in my own business, that I now deliver to others, has allowed me to completely replace myself from my very busy and hugely successful Café Metzzo at the Logan Hyperdome in Queensland. I am passionate about empowering other business owners to achieve the results within their business that they have always dreamt of AND enabling them to find their perfect work/life balance.

Any forward thinking business person will find my meticulous, highly driven & motivational approach to business invaluable in dramatically growing their sales, the results produced by their team and will appreciate working with a true sales professional.

The difference that I provide, is that I look at growth and structure as the main core areas of a business, and along with online facilities, to have any person with a business, to achieve their dreams.  What are their basic needs, and how I can use my network, knowledge and experience for my clients to get what they want and feel proud that they have done it for themselves.


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Miriam Scott

Business Coaching and Personal Development

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