How Do You Increase Your Identity Protection?


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Watch what you give out and keep your personal information to yourself!

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There is plenty of information on the internet about identity theft and it is not necessary to repeat that here. There is a link above to the United States FTC’s (Federal Trade Commission) web page specifically on “Fighting Back against Identity Theft”.

The main message that does need to be conveyed here is that it takes vigilance to be sure identity thieves do not get access to your personal information.  This can be in the form of bank statements with sensitive account information thrown away in the trash, to falling for a “phishing scheme” and replying to any emails saying your account has been suspended and they want you to update your information.  Shred documents that have any information at all.

Be sure to purchase online only through sites using secure payment processing.

Never give credit card information through an email. Paypal will not ask you to update your information via email, eBay will not ask you either – they will also always address you by your user name not Sir, or your real names.

If you receive an email that you suspect may be genuine, go to the site via a browser rather than via the email and check it out.  Ask the support team if they are sending out emails.

Here is an easy to read and understand power point presentation about the DETER, DETECT and DEFEND program…

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