Why Is Caring a Trait of Millionaires?


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Why Is Caring a Trait of Millionaires?


By Susie L Jones

Caring for your friends

Make sure you keep commitments made to family, friends and those around you. Show care for them by respecting the time they have set aside for you.

Caring for friends doesn’t mean that you have to impact on them with your beliefs, but that you respect their own beliefs and that they have their own way of looking to things; their experiences may have led them to a different place than your own experience.

By caring for your friends this way you can build long-term friendships that are meaningful, that will sustain you, as you will be able to help sustain them throughout their lives. A dear friend in life is a treasure that deserves to be enjoyed. Allow yourself to build significant friendships.

Caring for yourself

Be careful not to get your feelings hurt too often. If your feelings get hurt often, then look into your expectations of others and let go. This applies when you’re putting too much pressure on the situation to have things happen YOUR WAY.

Be resilient. People need to forgive and forget. Move On. Practice being able to recover from anger quickly – or better, don’t get angry at all.

I heard one person say that anger disappears in 11 seconds. If you just hold off for those 11 seconds before you have a big reaction or before you allow somebody to actually hurt your feelings, this shows care for yourself and for others. React with love.

Be gentle to yourself – too much negative, derisive self talk will undermine your confidence. If you believe something you CAN do it!

An open mind will attract everything you desire and more. An open mind invites miracles.

Caring for employees

Instill in your employees a sense of care that is demonstrated by your actions and words. Treat each worker as you would have them treat your customers.

It is possible to engage with people and instill your principles as to how you want your business to be managed. It is a good idea to create a “Personal Vision” and communicate that personal vision to people you connect with.

Be sure to walk the walk and talk the talk. Too often a boss will tell an employee to talk to the customers nicely and then turn around and yell because a task wasn’t performed to his/her satisfaction. React with loyalty to your employees and they will be loyal to you. And if they aren’t, you know how to get rid of them!

Caring for your employees may require a bit more patience at times. If family upsets occur, and they will, or relationship problems, financial, legal, alcohol or drugs, whatever you can think of could happen! When these difficult times enter your employees’ lives it will be important to be empathetic and caring – and not get emotionally or personally involved. Do not give advice – if it is the wrong advice or they move on to forgive the person and you have said negative things, it will backfire. Not could, WILL.

If they seem to be having ongoing problems and it is impacting on their ability to show up on time, work a full shift, and their job is suffering, you may need to “counsel” them. You can’t be heartless, but you can be firm about your expectations. If it is really a hardship case they may opt to take a few weeks or months without pay – or use up vacation. Show care and concern and keep an eye on them, call them to make sure they are doing ok.

Some companies care for their employees by putting in place Health Care Insurance, savings programs or social clubs. Decide if one of these might be an option for you to implement. It can give you an advantage when hiring – the better the culture and benefits of a company, the more attractive it is to work for.

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