Global Cooperation – Why This Is a Trait of a Millionaire?


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By Susie L Jones

Cooperation is one of the keys to success in the 3rd Millennium.

It’s about all for one and one for all – and this old cliché could not be more accurate that it is during this time. It’s become increasingly evident to me that many people are becoming single-minded, thinking about themselves more than thinking about what’s going on around them… within their community.

In the 3rd Millennium we all must adopt a more global outlook; the realities of war, corrupt governments and drought situations are there to see every minute of the day, even on our phones! We cannot hide our heads in the sand and pretend the private citizens of these countries are not being impacted negatively. Even within western societies there are many, many individuals living in conditions that are less than ideal.

Taking a Macro view and marrying it with the idea of community makes it almost impossible to turn away from the people that are being affected daily.

From a corporate perspective it will continue to be increasingly important to turn a portion of profits made towards assisting the people caught innocently in these countries. Some of the wealthiest businessmen in the world have created programs to help alleviate this suffering and in some cases bring about a major positive change to the lives of these world citizens.

One such publicly listed company has found a way of breaking the cycle of malnutrition in China, Africa, Bolivia and the Philippines.

The company has developed a special blend of cornmeal and supplements to boost key “nutrients” necessary to prevent malnutrition and called it “Vita-Meal”. The vegetarian, non-dairy package contains 30 meal portions and has been proven to reduce side effects of malnutrition.

Additionally the company sets up factories in the countries with “feeding programs” to benefit the local area, providing hundreds of families with an income while feeding over 60,000 children each month in one country alone!

The “School of Agriculture for Family Independence” has been built with some of the proceeds from the sale of Vita-Meal at Mtalimanja village in Africa. It has taught the local people how to thrive on small farms, graduating farmers who return to their villages and help others to become self-reliant!

Bill Gates is another example of making a difference in the Macro Community – with his massive funding for research to eliminate Dengue Fever and his foundations that provide scholarships for disadvantaged youth.

Another development worth mentioning is the “One Laptop per Child” program. The laptop computers were invented for specific purposes that include being able to operate independent of an electrical grid (their batteries are charged via solar energy), to be robust and sturdy, packed with software to help develop growing minds and able to connect to the internet (on a limited basis) because there is so much great stuff online.

This is truly the spirit of Community from a Macro point of view.

But you don’t have to wait until you are massively wealthy to make a global difference.

Make a decision to help and the path will come to you.

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