Caring for Your Community – A Millionaire Trait


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Caring for Your Community – A Millionaire Trait

Caring for Your Community – A Millionaire Trait
By Susie L Jones

Caring for others means that we need to take care of ourselves first. If you are strong you can help someone who is not as strong.

Caring for others doesn’t mean letting people walk all over you.

Caring for your community

Seeing a neighbor coming home from the grocery store and noticing if he is truly needing help, he may have too many sacks of groceries and you have free arms, you can help by lightening his load and carry a few sacks. Help an elderly person cross the road – the cars are going very fast and some can freeze in place, afraid they won’t be fast enough.

Care for people and animals within the community by cleaning up after yourself, making sure that your area, your home, your surroundings are taken care of and that you’re not impacting on others with garbage and waste.

Caring for your community means picking up trash off the street and not putting trash on the street in the first place!

We can all see people litter on the streets and roads. There used to be massive campaigns in the United States to stop littering; we don’t hear that anymore. Have a look at how much trash is in the streets. People are dumping unwanted goods on the roadside, this is not caring for your community and it’s not helpful. All it does is create a blight on the landscape, it makes the neighborhood look worse and will bring down property values within the general community.

By caring for your community and helping build it up, helping local parks by cleaning up, having national cleanup days are a great way to get massive action happening – people meet each other at the events and alliances form. Being involved in cleanup days is another way that you care for your community and volunteer into service at the same time.

Caring for your neighbors.

Caring for your family, friends and neighbors is a very important part of being a larger influence on your community.

By caring for your family first, you ensure when you come home your children and your wife or your husband or partner can feel safe in their home, that everyone knows that they have someplace to go where they are loved and they are cared for and nurtured.

This doesn’t happen in a lot of homes throughout the world, but if we can create this environment in as many homes, meeting places and schools as we can, particularly the homes, we have more chance of healing our communities, and mankind as a whole has a better chance of living happy lives in the future.

Care for your local community by purchasing goods from their shops (if possible!). This can help local businesses thrive, making them better able to compete against the major players. Small businesses everywhere depend on being frequented by people living in the surrounding suburbs. Make the attempt to buy locally before driving to the mall or going online.

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