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Hey Everybody,

I am so excited – today my eBook, 8 Core Values  Life, Love and Success is being featured on this site….http://www.privatewifi.com/social-networking-security-and-online-privacy-steps-to-take-today/

Read the excerpted Chapter at privateWiFi.com….

This is amazing to me – I feel so honored to be a part of this site’s blog!  They inform us via articles  and  promote solutions about one of the most challenging problems of these times – PRIVACY!

In these tumultuous times it is hard to find ways of coping with everything that is being thrown at us. I wrote the book as a resource to help people find the links to a variety of resources they may  need to navigate through their days.

From nourishing and nurturing your inner spirit, being involved in your community or protecting your privacy – each chapter of the book brings new resources and ideas to the table.

If you like what you read in the  excerpt from the book, come read the rest 8 Core Values,  a unique way of looking at the 3rd Millennium and how to succeed in Life, Love and Success!  For a short time only I will be dropping the price to $7.00.  Get in while the p[rice reduction is still on!



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