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Free Webinar – Traffic Tactics Live Event!


I have been following Maria Gudleis and Carlos “Art” Nevarez for a couple of years now, through their various programs and challenges and have always learned heaps. I find they always over deliver in their webinars – YES sometimes they do sell something – but you don’t have to take it and the webinars themselves are free free free, and as I said the content rocks! Last Friday Maria was telling us about this week’s webinar and the special guest they will be having on the call…. I normally don’t push these webinars on my clients or friends as I don’t believe in it – but this one is just too important not to share –

This Friday’s  (Saturday in Australia)webinar is going to be a first ever event, because the person we are promoting has NEVER created a product based on his traffic expertise, Mr. X is truly a traffic addict, and that addiction has paid-off handsomely for his company that can drive serious amounts of traffic for any of their customers.

You will be learning the ins and outs of traffic the way the pros do it – so make sure you invite everyone – the offer will be truly irresistible.


P.S. Oh in case you’re wondering…the REASON Mr. X has NEVER produced a ‘product’ before…is because he’s bringing in…. *TWO Hundred GRAND a Month*…so we had to BEG him to reveal his *Traffic secrets! So this will be EPIC! IN this webinar you will….

Discover 3 Simple Traffic Tactics YOU can’t do without!

1. A shocking Facebook traffic tactic that’s FREE

2. How and when to use “solo ads”

3. Traffic from _________ –


yes it’s a MYSTERY traffic tactic ONLY if you are LIVE in attendance do you GET it!


Sign up below with the Marketing experts who bring in over ONE HUNDRED GRAND in sales PER MONTH online!!!

The link will take you to a GoToWebinar sign up form


Oh by the way – Don’t get freaked out – the webinars start at 5am – I know it’s a crazy time- I get up for them each week!, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to as just signing up guarantees you get access to the replays (they always record the webinars) – so you won’t miss out!


Let me know if you have any questions, I will see you in the webinar room at 5am!


See you soon,


Susie Jones 07 3893 1547

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