Tips And Techniques For Golf Players: Play Like A Pro! Nutrition


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Golf is one of the oldest sports known to man. While its origins remain a matter of debate, the accepted history credits the sport’s birth to the Scottish. It is said this stately game of kings began in the 12th century when shepherds passed the time by trying to knock stones into holes on the grounds where St. Andrews now sits.

From its ancient beginnings, golf has grown into an international sport, loved the world over. With thousands of courses now available, each offering their own distinct levels of challenge, this is a sport that demands not only physical ability, but also mental acumen.

Although primarily known as a sport of the privileged, golf has had its elusive quality brushed aside thanks to the creation of public courses found throughout the United States and elsewhere. From exclusive, high-end country clubs with Professional Golf Association tournament courses to public play areas with open entry, this is now a sport that cuts across socioeconomic lines.

Demanding on the body and the mind both, golf is a sport that is best improved upon through practice. It takes time, effort and dedication to develop skills that might rival a pro. But, by following these tips for nutrition, fitness, stretching and concentration, you just might find yourself besting your competition by playing like a true pro!


Golf might not be the most physically demanding of sports, but it does take its toll on the body. The stamina required of the game can be compounded by the fact that play normally takes place during the warmer months.

To excel at this sport, players must be able to endure long hours out in the elements and they must have the ability to walk great distances. Even when carts are used, golf can still demand a great deal of endurance from its players.

If you want to play like a pro, you will need to maintain your body like an athlete. This calls for proper hydration and nutrition on and off the course.

Chris Jenkins, a Professional Golf Association player, stresses the need for golfers to maintain a healthy, energy-rich diet to maintain their abilities on the course. This includes not only eating properly, but also hydrating the body well.

It is important, however, to take in consideration any health concerns that you have before changing your diet (allergies, diabetes, etc.). Consult your doctor or your own dietician if necessary.


Proper hydration is essential for helping a player maintain a high level of play throughout a long, often arduous round of golf. Here are some tips to maintain proper fluid levels throughout 18 holes of play:

  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours prior to a round of golf.
  • Drink at least two glasses of water or sports drinks in the hours before a round of golf. Sports drinks are often favored because of the additional nutrients and electrolytes they provide.
  • Bring water or sports drinks with you during the round. Make sure to drink in between turns to keep hydration levels steady. This is especially necessary if playing in the heat. The sun can take a tremendous toll on a golfer’s body.
  • Take care after the round not to drink celebratory alcoholic beverages too quickly. Alcohol does drop blood sugar levels for a time, so it’s wise to eat something before you dive into a 19th-hole drink.

In the midst of play, don’t count on a feeling of thirst to be your only indication that it’s time for a drink. It is important to drink every 15 to 20 minutes or so when playing in the heat and especially when walking the course without the benefit of a cart.

Meals & Snacks

Having the energy to complete a long course is essential for helping you play like a pro. If you sputter out after nine holes, your score will suffer. To keep your numbers low, you must learn to eat like a pro so your energy stays high.

Pros recommend following these tips to maintain the energy you need on (and even off) the course:

  • Pre-round meals
    Before a game, it’s a good idea to eat a balanced, healthy meal. The best recommendations call for a diet rich in dairy, legumes, fruit, pasta and fiber. This will help maintain energy levels and prevent a bottoming out that sugary meals can produce.
  • Snacks
    It is essential to eat something at least every two hours during play. This will help keep energy levels high and help you avoid fatigue during a round. Healthful snacks like nuts, raisins and granola bars are smart.
  • Mid-course meal
    If your round of play does involve a mid-way intermission, take advantage of the time to refuel. A small meal rich in lean proteins and carbohydrates can keep you going another nine holes.
  • Routine considerations
    If it’s your intent to truly play like a pro, you, no doubt, will be playing a lot of golf to hone your skills. Make sure your routine diet is healthy and rich in vitamins such as B1, B6 and B12. The healthier your overall outlook happens to be, the more likely it is your play will improve.

Food and drink are essential for improving your abilities both on and off the course. The more you do to improve your overall health, the better able you will be to pull off the moves that make the pros stand out during play.

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