Tips And Techniques For Golf Players: Play Like A Pro! Concentration Is Everything!


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Golf is one of the oldest sports known to man. While its origins remain a matter of debate, the accepted history credits the sport’s birth to the Scottish. It is said this stately game of kings began in the 12th century when shepherds passed the time by trying to knock stones into holes on the grounds where St. Andrews now sits.

From its ancient beginnings, golf has grown into an international sport, loved the world over. With thousands of courses now available, each offering their own distinct levels of challenge, this is a sport that demands not only physical ability, but also mental acumen.

Although primarily known as a sport of the privileged, golf has had its elusive quality brushed aside thanks to the creation of public courses found throughout the United States and elsewhere. From exclusive, high-end country clubs with Professional Golf Association tournament courses to public play areas with open entry, this is now a sport that cuts across socioeconomic lines.

Demanding on the body and the mind both, golf is a sport that is best improved upon through practice. It takes time, effort and dedication to develop skills that might rival a pro. But, by following these tips for nutrition, fitness, stretching and concentration, you just might find yourself besting your competition by playing like a true pro!

Concentration Is Everything

Proper form, nutrition, exercise, conditioning and swing will only take you so far on the course. If you want to take your game to the next level and really learn how to play like a pro, you have to master your concentration. Shots have to be properly lined up and executed. To pull this off, you must let concentration rule your game.

Try using these tips to improve your concentration on the course:

  • Slow down before shots
    Golfing isn’t a race to the end of 18 holes. Make sure you take the time to slow down, breathe and examine shots before you take them.
  • Properly align your shots
    Do take the time to eye your shots and make sure your alignment is right. This can be as important for your long game as it is putting.
  • Relax
    Don’t stress out on an individual stroke. If something goes wrong with a shot, step back and examine your new position. Take a deep breath and move forward from a relaxed state of mind.
  • Block out distractions
    Try to focus only on the shot when you are playing. Wipe your mind clean of distractions. Yoga exercises can help immensely on this.
  • Visualize success
    While this technique won’t guarantee a perfect shot if your alignment and swing are off, it can help you immensely if they are in check. If you see yourself making a shot and believe you can do it, the chances of pulling off a great score will increase.

Golf is an incredible game of man against ball. Whether you play against your own best score or you want to beat your friends and colleagues on the course, proper nutrition, exercise, preparation, stance, swings and concentration will all make a difference. To excel at this sport and learn to play like a pro, you need to bring all these pieces together into a total package. With practice and dedication, you can find yourself playing like a pro in no time at all!

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