Tips And Techniques For Golf Players: Play Like A Pro! Chipping Advice


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Golf is one of the oldest sports known to man. While its origins remain a matter of debate, the accepted history credits the sport’s birth to the Scottish. It is said this stately game of kings began in the 12th century when shepherds passed the time by trying to knock stones into holes on the grounds where St. Andrews now sits.

From its ancient beginnings, golf has grown into an international sport, loved the world over. With thousands of courses now available, each offering their own distinct levels of challenge, this is a sport that demands not only physical ability, but also mental acumen.

Although primarily known as a sport of the privileged, golf has had its elusive quality brushed aside thanks to the creation of public courses found throughout the United States and elsewhere. From exclusive, high-end country clubs with Professional Golf Association tournament courses to public play areas with open entry, this is now a sport that cuts across socioeconomic lines.

Demanding on the body and the mind both, golf is a sport that is best improved upon through practice. It takes time, effort and dedication to develop skills that might rival a pro. But, by following these tips for nutrition, fitness, stretching and concentration, you just might find yourself besting your competition by playing like a true pro!

Chipping Advice

Chipping to get yourself out of a pinch is as important in a game of golf as a proper long-shot swing. To properly execute a chip, you will have to change your basic stance a bit.

To set yourself up right for a chip, you will want stand with your feet more closely together than you would for a regular shot. Generally, about a foot apart will do. You should make sure to put your weight on your forward foot (right foot for left handed golfers or left foot for right handed). Your back foot should be light enough to almost lift off the ground.

For proper hand positioning, make sure your hands are actually ahead of the ball. Keep your stroke short, but do follow through. Your legs and upper body should be held still on the shot. Rely on your shoulders and your arms to carry shot through during the stroke.

Practice chipping drills to improve your short game. You can do this in your backyard by setting up a practice course. Just put out a small, flat target in your lawn. Pretend this is the edge of your green. Now, try chipping from a few feet away to practice your technique. Once you get it down with a few well-landed balls, move back and start over. Take the time to practice with all your favorite clubs. Don’t just rely on your wedges.

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