Tips And Techniques For Basketball Players: Play Like A Pro! Strength And Endurance Training


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Basketball is an amazing game, a quick-paced, non-stop sport with end-to-end action, featuring great athletes with incredible hand-eye coordination. There are many ways amateur athletes can improve themselves and their game to help them play like a pro. By practicing drills, conditioning, following a strict diet, and improving hand-eye coordination, you’ll be paying like your favorite pros in no time.


There are five parts to the game of basketball that an athlete must concern himself with. They are shooting, passing, rebounding, ball-handling, and the movement around the court. There are many drills in each of these categories that can help. While there are different schools of thought on how to practice, the following is just a sample of the many ways there are to improve basketball skills through practicing drills.


Progressive weight training is key to keeping fit during the off season. As you gain in strength, you’ll notice that a certain weight will not provide resistance. At that point, add a small amount of weight to your exercise.

For guards and small forwards, concentrate on working with 60 percent of your single-lift capacity. Do sets of ten repetitions with three sets per session. Only increase the weights when you are comfortable you are no longer feeling any resistance from the weights.

For centers and power forwards, lift 70 percent of your single-lift capacity. Do eight repetitions for three sets.

A couple of words of warning: Strength training should always be done with supervision. It does not matter how skilled or advanced you are around weights. Even the smallest weights can cause serious damage, and accidents can happen. Always have a spotter, or when using smaller weights, at least have someone else available in case there is an accident.

Also, it’s widely accepted that children should not weight train before high school, as their bodies have not fully developed.

And no matter what age you are, consult with your doctor before starting a weight training program.


Basketball is almost a non-stop sport, where its athletes are required to sprint up and down the court, or constantly move in both offensive and defensive sets. To help keep up with this incredible pace, it’s necessary to work on endurance training. By working on endurance, it helps your cardiovascular system provide more oxygen to your muscles with less effort. It will also help you maintain energy toward the end of a game, or recover quicker with shorter amounts of rest. The best and most basic form of endurance training is running. All you need for running is a good pair of shoes with good support.

Running helps strengthen your heart muscle. It helps to increase the heart’s size, making it more efficient by beating slower while pumping more blood.

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