Tips And Techniques For Basketball Players: Play Like A Pro! Rebounding Drills


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Basketball is an amazing game, a quick-paced, non-stop sport with end-to-end action, featuring great athletes with incredible hand-eye coordination. There are many ways amateur athletes can improve themselves and their game to help them play like a pro. By practicing drills, conditioning, following a strict diet, and improving hand-eye coordination, you’ll be paying like your favorite pros in no time.


There are five parts to the game of basketball that an athlete must concern himself with. They are shooting, passing, rebounding, ball-handling, and the movement around the court. There are many drills in each of these categories that can help. While there are different schools of thought on how to practice, the following is just a sample of the many ways there are to improve basketball skills through practicing drills.


Rebounding is one of the few skills a player can work on that helps on both offense and defense. It requires both arm and lower body strength, and the stability to jump in a crowd.

Here are some drills to help with rebounding:

1. The McHale Drill
This drill is named for the famous Boston Celtics player, Kevin McHale. Begin underneath and to the right of the basket. Toss the ball off the backboard. When the ball comes down, jump up and tip the ball off the glass with your right hand. While doing that, use your left hand to either try to grab the rim or reach as high as you can. After ten repetitions, switch to the other side of the basket, and repeat the drill using opposite hands.

2. Superman drill
This is another rebounding drill that involves catching the ball and jumping. Start in the low block position in the key. Toss the ball at the backboard on the opposite side of the paint to where you’re standing. Follow the toss, jump to catch the ball and try to come down with the ball on the opposite side of the paint. Then repeat the drill from the opposite side of the key.

3. The Dantley Drill
This drill is for more the more skilled players. Start off by standing underneath the right side of the basket, tossing the ball against the backboard. Then jump up, catch the rebound, and while still in the air, pin the ball against the backboard. Then immediately jump up again, toss the ball against the backboard, and then catch the ball and score the lay-up, all in the same motion. Do this for seven repetitions, and then switch to the opposite side of the backboard and repeat.

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