Tips And Techniques For Basketball Players: Play Like A Pro! Ball Handling Drills


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Basketball is an amazing game, a quick-paced, non-stop sport with end-to-end action, featuring great athletes with incredible hand-eye coordination. There are many ways amateur athletes can improve themselves and their game to help them play like a pro. By practicing drills, conditioning, following a strict diet, and improving hand-eye coordination, you’ll be paying like your favorite pros in no time.


There are five parts to the game of basketball that an athlete must concern himself with. They are shooting, passing, rebounding, ball-handling, and the movement around the court. There are many drills in each of these categories that can help. While there are different schools of thought on how to practice, the following is just a sample of the many ways there are to improve basketball skills through practicing drills.


Again, there’s not much glory in ball-handling, but a well-rounded player will be more successful if they practice this fundamental. And this is a skill that all players should practice and excel at. Even though your guards may do most of the ball handling up the court, there are times in set offenses that big men may also have to move. It’s more important in these situations to be able to have excellent ball control, as there is more pressure under the basket than there is above the key.

Here are some drills you can do to improve your ball-handling skills:

1. The Five-Minute Drill
This drill was invented by the famous point guard “Pistol” Pete Maravich.” It works for both ball-handling and dribbling skills. This is the most basic of ball-handling drills, as all that’s needed is a basketball and a circle to practice in. This can be the center court circle, the free throw circle, or draw a circle with chalk on a hardtop. Starting out for three minutes, dribble in the circle using as many different techniques as you can. This can include under the legs, crossovers, behind the back, and others. Do not cross out of the circle, and do the techniques as fast as you can without feeling rushed. As you improve, work up to doing this drill for five minutes. You should exert yourself during this drill and feel tired when it is finished.

2. The Low Dribble Figure Eight Drill
Begin with a low dribble, and then begin to dribble the ball around both legs in a figure eight pattern. Do this drill first with your off hand, and then with your dominant hand. It’s important to do this drill with your head up to gain confidence to be able to do this.

3. The Skip Dribble Drill
Stand with your back straight and move your legs in a scissor-like fashion, with toes pointing forward. Dribble the ball through your legs from front to back, from one hand to the other, while jumping and shifting feet. Try to do the drill fifty to one hundred times without fail.

4. The Yo-Yo Dribble Drill
Start on one end line under the basket. Start down the court, and at the first free throw line, cross over from right to left and immediately from left to right (or opposite if you are a left-handed dribbler) and continue down the court. Repeat at the other free throw line, and then shoot a lay-up. This is a move you would use to deke a defender.

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