Jessica Watson returns to home port – I saw her!


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I was fortunate enough to be a part of the inaugural Sail Mooloolaba event this last weekend. One part of the event was welcoming home Jessica Watson.

It was a great time – there were heaps of boats  and the sun, wind and waves cooperated to make the sailing pleasurable and challenging.  The wind kicked up to 29 knots at one point. We ahd to be aoff the water by 12pm to allow Jessica Watson to sail into her home port.

It was a wonderful day to be a part of – the entire harbor was decorated with pink balloons, streamers, everyoen that could dressed in pink, lining the shores by the thousands.

In order to be allowed back into the harbor after 11am we flew a pink flag from our mast. We awaited and waited, she finally sailed down the lane with a pilot boat announcing her arrival.  everyone cheered and it was fabulous – she has accomplished a great thing for teens and children all over the world – but particularly in Australia.

her sailing fraternity had a huge welcome for her – Anna Bligh (the Premiere of QLD) was there to welcome her. In the club they had a massive pink Pavlova and a party.

I was standing on the end of one of the fingers at the marina and waved at her – she waved directly back to me! {:>)

It made the weekend seem like a very special event I am glad to be a part of this history.

This next weekend I will be the timer for the Musto Etchells Nationals event in Mooloolaba (again! I love it there).   I will report back later.

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