Are You Worried Your Marriage is Over?


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Have you been staying awake at night worrying about your marriage or maybe you find your mind drifting during work or time with friends to your partner, wishing things were better.  Do you know the warning signs of breakdown and what you can do to avoid them?

A marriage is a very special relationship and only the two people involved can know what REALLY goes on inside the walls of the marital home.  What may appear to the outside to be a happy marriage can often be a web of lies, committed by one or both of the partners.

If you want to have a long happy marriage, or feel your marriage is breaking down and you want to fix it fast, there are things you can do to identify the things you want to avoid and those you want to encourage.

While a definitive list of what can go wrong in a marriage, some of the top reasons are:

  • Finances
  • Unresolved conflicts
  • Anger/Excessive Fighting
  • Cheating  and more

Does that mean you can translate these reasons to a list of positive actions a couple can take to ensure a happy marriage – or resolve existing issues?  Maybe, if we did make a list out of these it would look like this:

  • Make sure financial responsibilities are laid out from the moment you move in together. Make a budget that addresses all the hard built in costs of living and includes some entertainment, vacations and sport/recreation.
  • A wise man (my Uncle Jim) said to me on the day of my marriage “Never go to be angry with each other”.  After 20 years of marriage I can say this has been one of the most important pieces of advice I have ever taken. Holding onto an argument will only breed resentment, one of the true killers of any relationship.
  • Make a point of remaining calm even in times of conflict. We all have emotional triggers that can make us want to lash out in anger at the person pushing our buttons, especially if these buttons are sore from being pushed so often. By not raising your voice and not making statements that are personal attacks on a person’s ego, physical appearance or intelligence during a fight is essential to being able to resolve the situation.  If you find this happens to you often perhaps you need to consider some anger management courses.
  • Fidelity or “keeping it in the proverbial pants” is also one of the essential components of a long lasting marriage. When a marriage is evolving through the years trust is one of the ties that helps weave a safety net. This is handy when times are tough – and times will be tough at some point in a marriage and in life.  Having a safety net of security with your partner will be something welcomed and appreciated. And one bonus is each time a couple survive another test in their relationship it creates yet another string added to the safety net. Brilliant huh!

It is possible to have a happy marriage and repair a troubled one. Many couples can overcome seemingly impossible problems and so can you. For a more in depth report about how it is possible to Save Your marriage click the button below! Start now on a path of marital bliss.

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