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How to be seen as an expert in your field

Today it is important to recognize that there is a lot of competition for advertising dollars. With print, radio and TV mediums losing steam, online advertising seems like a great option. But how to make sure your message is seen above the competition’s?  By becoming a recognized expert in your line of work or field of business using easy to do online article publishing and self publishing.

Online Article publishing

It is possible to reach many thousands of new customers by providing great content or facts about the products and services you sell.  Think of your article as an open invitation to new clients, to come and visit your store and sample your services, try our your products.

This is a perfect way to set yourself above the competition by showcasing the products or services in your own particular way. Every business, even direct competitors, has a unique way of dealing with customers, how the products are presented, packaged and sold.  You can highlight your business and what makes it special within these articles and books.

By advertising online using articles you are reaching many more people than just those walking down the street.  It is a chance to reach a wider audience – as customers located in nearby towns may be looking for you online, curious what might be in the next neighborhood.

Self-Publishing your own Book

This might seem like a huge task, but is really very doable for most business owners.  Let’s say you are a Dentist and want to promote your new practice. By writing a book on caring for new implants, how to get rid of yellowing teeth, etc. you can provide potential clients with great information, generous content and begin to create a relationship with them.

There are four more reasons:

  • A book gives one instant credibility, “WOW, you have a book published”
  • YOU can stand out from your competition
  • Each time someone reads your book it becomes a Lead Generation tool; word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing trends, have an easy way for people to access your books or give copies to friends
  • Have a copy handy at networking events, put a few books on the networking table, drop hints.

How to market that new Book?

The best way to market any new product is using online advertising, social networking, and even a specialized web site focused solely on selling your book.   By using the buzz created online it is possible to promote your new book easily and quickly – and find that target market that is perfect for your business.  How?  They will find you.  92% of people search online before purchasing a product and/or service. If you can provide easy to understand information about that particular product or service, you have just made thousands of  new friends and maybe 100’s of new clients!

How do I get started?

There is a massive amount of information available about this subject of online advertising, tips on social media or other questions you may have about internet marketing,  and not all of it is good. If you want to cut through the bad and get straight to the good stuff, you must visit Maria Gudelis’ web site and start soaking up the information. She provides excellent webinars on a variety of subjects, SEO tips,  local marketing techniques, making millions and staying ahead of the game!

Here’s to your success!

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