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2 July 2010

Latest news direct from BP about the Gulf Oil Spill.  The fellow talking has made several presentation on the matter.

Kent Wells is the Senior Vice President, Exploration and Development. He has been involved in a number of these explanatory videos located here:

Many aspects of these you may have seen in the newspapers or TV or may have discovered already for yourself.

The video dealing with how the relief well meets the main well is here:

Check it out!

A communication has come out from British Petroleum to its employees – one of whom I know, and they have asked individuals that are interested in keeping up to date with news – rather than rumor – to visit:

3 June 2010 This information has been updated recently on the BP site.

Gulf of Mexico response ( or

Follow BP America on Facebook or Twitter or

Joint Information Centre website (BP, US Coastguard, Transocean, Dept Homeland Security)

BP has always shown itself to do the right thing – and they will do everything they can to remedy this situation as quickly as they can.

Actor Kevin Costner has come up with a solution. Listen to this news story about a machine that will filter the oil from the water:

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