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One thing I really like about Brett McFall and Tom Hua is the generous amount of excellent information they provide – before you even get to the World Internet Summit conference!

Keeping up to date with the latest breaking news about what is happening on the internet is one of the hardest things businesses online have to face. The online environment changes constantly – from what Google will accept to the techniques that used to work and now don’t.

I found this lesson the other day and thought it would be good to share – I will be continuing to share teachings from these great guys over the next several months.

Check this out: This speaker is Mark Anastasi and he tells about his experiences setting up web sites which make him a fabulous income from online sales.

If you want to hear more join me at the World Internet Summit in Sydney 2011.

I would love to talk to anyone about the subject of business, internet marketing and online advertising. I have 20 years experience in business here in Australia (15 in the US before moving here), and recognize that small businesses can use a wide variety of tools to get more leads and more buying customers through the door.


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