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A great many people will be glad to pay for interior painting and some choose to do it themselves.  This includes painting walls, ceilings, woodwork and even cabinets.  Interior painting is a tedious job and most people want to avoid it if at all possible.  They are usually only too happy to have someone else do the painting for them.   However, if you are willing to persist it is a fulfilling job and one that can be appreciated for years to come. And think of all the money you can save.

You need the same type of materials when you do indoor painting as you do for exterior painting.  You will need ladders and scaffolds, although for many homes you will not need to have a scaffold.  Do you need to paint a large home with a two story entryway or living room? You are going to need a scaffold.

You can skip buying scaffolds and rent them.  This will allow you to get away with just basic materials, like paints, tarps and smaller ladders.  Of course, you also need painting supplies such as brushes and rollers for this type of job.   Be sure to buy quality paint supplies, as it can make a big difference in paint costs in the long run.  What seems like a cheap option may not be when the paint purchased doesn’t cover as well as another brand will.  DULUX always covers well. The first time, every time.

The paint that you use for interior painting is usually latex paint that is water based, although for woodwork and cabinetry, you will have to use a primer as well. If you are re-painting a room that has a dark color in it, you will also want to use a primer as this will not only enable the paint to go on easier, but will eliminate any see-through paint from the previous job.  Primer is much less expensive than paint, so it makes sense to put a coat of primer on the walls if they already have color.

The most important thing that you want to remember when you are painting the interior of your  home is that you do not want to damage anything in the home.   While it can be easy painting new construction because there is nothing to damage, it is not so easy to paint in a home where there is furniture, draperies and woodwork that does not need painting.  You will want to be sure that you take every precaution to cover up anything that can get damaged during the painting process.  If you damage the walls it creates more work – arrggghhh

Painter’s tape should be used to prevent painting any woodwork and can also help you when painting a room with white ceilings.  Most people prefer the ceilings remain white while the rest of the walls are painted a colour.  It can be difficult to make these cuts for an amateur painter, although using tape to prevent the roller from hitting the ceiling is a good idea.  There are also tools that you can use to make ceiling cuts easier.

Trimming tools are available wherever paint supplies are sold.  You should make sure that you make use of these instruments.  You will want the paint job to look even so that the ceiling looks neatly cut in. You also want to make sure that you protect windows and woodwork from getting painted.

Always make sure that you use good paint.  In new construction, the paint is usually cut with water and is very cheap quality. Not DULUX paints.

When you are painting your home you want to use good quality paint.  You will not only get a nicer finish, but you will be able to put on less coats of paint and actually end up saving money. In addition to colored walls and ceilings or stained woodwork, some partners will want to have unique finishes and even murals for a wall.

If you would like to find out more there are many resources available.

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