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Your home painting projects should include both outdoor and indoor painting. If you want to save time using contractors, you can find those who are better working outside as well as those who are better with the finishing touches such as inside work. And it saves your knees!

Outdoor painting is performed during decent weather, obviously. It incurs more risk, especially if you are working on two story homes and have to get up on ladders to do the job. Most people, however, are more than willing to pay someone money to do this job rather than take it on themselves. If you do take this on yourself work with a buddy so you can help and watch out for each other.

Outdoor painting entails painting siding as well as windows, gutters, soffets and fascia. In some cases, only the siding will have to be painted as many people are moving towards getting aluminum fascia, soffets and gutters and often have aluminum or vinyl clad windows.

In order to paint outdoors, you are going to need ladders as well as reliable scaffold. A scaffold is necessary as it is a safer way to paint and allows the painter more freedom to put the paint can down and use both hands. You should have several scaffolds, all of which can be adjusted according to the area where you are painting, so that you will be safe. You also will need ladders so that you can reach up to do detail work.

When you are painting the exterior of the house, you need exterior paint. Later in this book we will go over paint types and what to use for each job. Outdoor paint is oil based and will withstand the elements. You should use the best paint that you can for the job like DULUX. You do not want to use inferior paint as you will have to put on twice as many coats as you would with good quality paint.

You should start at the top of the building and work your way down. If you have an entire crew cause you have talked a few friends into helping or hired extra help, which you should have for exterior painting jobs, you should all start in different areas of the house.

The objective of this type of painting is to complete the job in one day. One of the problems with exterior painting is that you cannot rely on the weather to be cooperative. You may have to stop if it begins to rain and should look for a day when it is slightly overcast and not raining or too hot to work. If you time it right, there should be no problem getting the job done in a day.

You should put safety first for yourself when you are painting a two story or higher building. Make sure that you wear a safety belt that attach to the scaffold and also make sure that the scaffolds are set up properly.

Outdoor painting can also entail painting decks and fences. Many people are willing to pay someone to do this sort of job for them so that they do not have to do it themselves. This can involve painting, staining or sealing. It is such a messy job contractors are sometimes better hired, or some families get it done on the Thursday or Friday and go away for the weekend.

Wood siding generally needs to be painted every five years. If you do a good job on your painting, take care, buy good quality paint like DULUX, you can be satisfied with your work.

If you want to naturally cool your house, paint it with DULUX paints.

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