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We thought we’d seen it all – at least as far as how to promote your business (or political party) is concerned, but that was before we’d seen the all-new Bumper Signs

Being launched as you read this, Bumper Signs are a brand new, patented but extraordinarily simple, effective and affordable way for business, any business, for YOU, to get YOUR own MESSAGE out through YOUR own MARKETPLACE on your own vehicle(s). Fitting to the bumper of most vehicles, these signs are extremely visible yet cost the same as a cup of coffee per day.

And for the up-coming political campaigns as well — Politics is obviously the hot topic right now, and those candidates who are quick to recognise how this unique new promotional medium could work for them will get real value for their campaign dollar.

In fact, a Ballaratt farmer-cum-Liberal Party Candidate has already seen the extreme interest these signs have generated when he participated in a pre-launch trial of the signs earlier in the year. Mark Bamwell currently has 8 signs on his supporter’s cars and has ordered another 20 for when the electioneering intensifies, and he contends that he’ll have 28 “mobile billboards” right throughout his electorate at a fraction of the cost of doing it any other way.

A special “election package” has been put together this last weekend to allow candidates to incorporate this eye-catching advertising medium into their campaigns, but, as the manufacturer is concerned with satisfying the expected demand, it will be very much a case of first-in gets the start on their competitor.

To find full details of how the Bumper Sign system works, go to www.bumpersigns.net or call Brad on 0413.949.297 and he’ll answer your questions.

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