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Most people recognise that they need to have a resume and cover letter written when they start looking for a job, but many miss the big opportunities available to them through the power of social media. 

It is estimated that over 50% of jobs are never advertised.  Some say that figure is as high as 75%!  So how do people get the jobs that aren’t being promoted?  They hear about them through their network, or they are recommended through their network. 

What’s your network?

Your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues form the core of your offline network, but don’t forget about the people who you see regularly but may not know so well, for example your children’s friends’ parents who you stand next to on cold winter mornings watching junior football or netball. 

If these people know you, like what they know of you, and know that you may be interested in particular work then they are likely to think of you when they hear about related work. 

What’s an online network?

Online networks are the relationships you create using social media on the internet.  Many people are on Facebook, more than 400 million in fact, but not many use that media to let people know of their job search.  I know that sometimes it just isn’t appropriate to let the world know that you are thinking of leaving your current work, but if you don’t mind who knows then you have a perfect opportunity to market yourself through Facebook.   Put up a post that says you are looking for specific work and give a very short introduction to the sort of skills you have.  It must be very short, just enough for people to contact you if they want to.  In the midst of some of the trivial messages on Facebook, yours will stand out.

LinkedIn is the best known social media site dedicated to linking people on a professional level.  As a free member it only allows you to connect with those who are already known to you and to upload your resume which can be viewed by anyone on LinkedIn.  But if you are serious about making contacts with people beyond your network through LinkedIn you can pay a small monthly fee that enables you to check out individuals and businesses, then make direct contact with those who may be able to help you.  It’s a powerful networking tool. 

So job search, 2010 style, requires a powerful resume, a clear cover letter, and a great social media presence and strategy.

Jenni Proctor

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