Ultimate Success Summit – Richard Branson & Kerwin Rae – Sydney 10 & 11th September 2010


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Ultimate Success Summit – Richard Branson & Kerwin Rae – Sydney 10 & 11th September 2010

This is an unbelievable opportunity to be in the same room as Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins and Kerwin Rae, plu many other global movers and shakers.  We all know who Richard Branson is and his media coverage lately has enlightened us about the Mojave Virgin Galactic Terminal in New Mexico. The stunning yet practical building lies low to the ground keeping it cooler with the aid of sky lights for natural light that are built deeply into the  roof line.  The desert is a perfect place for solar power, so the rolling, almost sea-creature like roof line has photo-voltaic panels for electricity and water recycling.

Massive floor to roof line windows overlook a 3 km runway and a view to all the space craft coming into land and taking off.  Magic, pure Genius.

He is also a man that has done some very outrageous things – like flying the balloon around the world, jumping off a building to promote Virgin America, and in 1986 he needed to be rescued by a helicopter from the water after the boat had capsized.

His blog reveals a man that in spite of enormous success and wealth still listens to others ideas and readily shares his thoughts on his blog. His recent blog about the “people factor” says it all ….


At the Ultimate Success Summit he will be sharing his unique philosophies and how he has executed his plans to grow the Virgin brand into the worldwide Virgin Group and an annual global revenue of over US$17 billion.  The Virgin brand can be seen not only on airplanes and records,  but phones, hotels, drinks, trains, credit cards music festivals, TV and Radio stations.

So, take yourself to the most important event you can attend this year – this is a genuine opportunity of a lifetime – to meet and possible speak to Sir Richard Branson. Sign up today onlne – There is still a chance to get the Diamond Pack, the other VIP Packs have all been sold out.

What does the “Diamond Pack” include:  (taken direct form the Ultimate Success Summit web site so you know its accurate!)


The Best, the Most, The Unique, Once-in-a-lifetime,
Totally Exclusive Diamond Experience

  • Best Seats in the house – Up close and personal
  • Priority Access into the room – Diamond treatment from the word ‘go’
  • Lunch and Q&A with Tony Robbins and Joe Williams
  • Evening Q&A with key speakers
  • Richard Branson Cocktail event
  • Anthony Robbins’ hot new program “The New Money Masters” – 2 DVD editions: Frank Kern – Internet Market Extraordinaire – super smart, super successful & loves teaching how to live life to the fullest making money online and John Reese – this Internet marketing pioneer was the first person to break the barrier and make $1 MILLION in sales in 24 HOURS

$1495 Diamond Ticket Price available until 30th of July – BUY NOW & SAVE $500!!

Book you seat now – as Anthony Robbins says ” The path to success is to take massive, decisive action”. Take action now and start living the life you have been dreaming about.

And come back here for more information about the other speakers –  I will be adding information regularly about these very special, passionate, entrepreneurial individuals.

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