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Teleseminars are available nowadays as companies are getting hold of this conferencing services to take advantage of its less cost and the convenience it can bring. But business owners shall not be satisfied on joining these seminars. They can start producing their own teleseminars. Here is a helpful article to help you in your teleseminar production.

If you are still fearful of producing your own teleseminar because you’re only starting, an initial step can be to sign up for a free teleseminar service. There are numerous services which may help such as FreeConferenceCall, InstantConference, etc. Do not procrastinate and wait for months to begin with your venture, get started today!

Build your list of invitees before starting your teleseminar. Begin by collecting names and sending them online newsletter, notices and announcements. This method will be important in order to maintain your name in front of your prospects and clients. Constant Contact and iContact are just some of the low cost places you can go to begin with your list. If you’re into networking, start now and pull out your business cards from speaking engagements and networking events.

You can invite your friends to do your first teleseminar. Keep in mind that this is just a practice and let your friends talk to you. You can test on muting your friends, start and stop recording, and others. Also practice the code numbers on your computer and your phone. Practice until you feel relaxed of the process. Listen to your recording and see if it sounds right. You will be ready to announce to your prospects your first official teleseminar once you are confident of it.

If you are already comfortable and you know that you have a program with good content, it will be a good idea to have someone transcribe your recording. You can sell this as your Personal Special Report or give it as a free bonus. You can advertise for a transcriber or find someone from the Craig’s list.

Aside from the guidelines above, there are steps to follow to produce a successful teleseminar. First, you need to distinguish your topic and target audience. Bear in mind that the content of your teleseminar must serve a purpose like solving a problem or educating your listeners.

Research for the content of your teleseminar. This is the most appropriate way to determine if you will be able to deliver what your audience wants or needs to know. Research various groups such as or See what the people are asking and how they like to be answered.

Next, decide on whether you’ll be giving the teleseminar for free or charge for it. This teleseminar is usually free and is used to promote another service or product. Otherwise, if the teleseminar is a paid one, there will be no need to promote another service or product vigorously.

Lastly, develop your teleseminar’s timeline. The length of time will be identified by the problems you cover and the number of questions. The average time spent on each question is 5 minutes. When you go faster than 5 minutes, your listeners might not pick up the details you’re trying to convey.

Teleseminars have become an enormously popular marketing tool but you can also earn a lot from producing one. This article presents just the basic guidelines to get you started.  Earn money online with your teleseminars and be recognized as an expert.

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