Tips on How to Sell Your Teleseminar Effectively


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Find one topic that you are interested in and do a search online. Chances are, you’ll find a teleseminar that offers that subject. Teleseminars are quite popular these days because they are not only very convenient to host and participate in, they are also relatively cheaper to produce than more traditional person-to-person seminars.

Now that you have your own teleseminar to promote, the very first concern you probably have is how to compete. When there are so many teleseminars tackling similar subjects out there, how do you effectively sell a teleseminar? Here are practical tips you can use:

Be prepared to outsell the competition

The key to successfully selling a teleseminar is making an impact on prospective attendees. For this, you have to make the proper preparations. Some of the most important considerations you need to keep in mind are:

Your subject matter

Choose your topic carefully. If you want to sell a teleseminar successfully, the topic must be relevant to the current needs of your target market. Find out what these needs are through research. Go to forums, check comment boxes or join online groups to find out what types of topics people want to learn about.

In-depth knowledge of your subject matter

Never host a teleseminar if you don’t know your subject completely. You can’t always bluff, you know. Besides, your attendees will be able to tell. Always research your subject thoroughly, cover all the necessary bases and make sure your information is up-to-date. Anticipate any questions that may be raised so you’re always prepared.

The contents of your teleseminar

To sell your teleseminar, you should be able to offer something different. Consider your subject matter right now and do a search online for teleseminars with similar content. You’ll probably see plenty of competition.

To stand out, make sure your lecture can give a different point of view or approach. People want something that is refreshing and if you can take the subject matter in a different direction effectively, then do so.

Your headline

The title of your teleseminar has a lot to do with how successfully you can sell it. It should intrigue, create curiosity and invite people to know more. Although it should be able to show people the topic you’re offering, it shouldn’t reveal everything. Be clear but leave enough mystery to make people want more.

Selling your teleseminar

Now that you’re ready to host a teleseminar, it’s time to sell. Here’s how:

Free or paid?

There are pros and cons to both, so choose the one that will help your purpose best. Just make sure that it’s a win-win situation for you and your attendees – you get the benefit you’re after from the teleseminar and they learn something new and useful from it.

Use a website or at least, a web page

You need your own website or web page in order to sell your teleseminar and handle attendees’ inquiries, registration and payment. You can place ads on the homepage that your visitors can click on to learn more about your teleseminar. Use applications to automate the registration and payment processes for faster transactions.

Set your fees

If you opt for a paid teleseminar, you should be able to charge your attendees enough to cover for your expenses (and let you earn a profit) and still give them value for their money.

Promote it

To sell your teleseminar, expose it. If you have a network of contact, use that. If you have an e-mail list, send out invitations. Post ads online and on websites or blogs that have a high number of traffic coming from the market you’re trying to target. Each article you write on your website, blog or article directory should also include a link to your teleseminar web page.

Get as much exposure as you can, paying particular attention to the segment of the market you want to target.

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