Tips And Techniques For Golf Players: Play Like A Pro! Stance


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Golf is one of the oldest sports known to man. While its origins remain a matter of debate, the accepted history credits the sport’s birth to the Scottish. It is said this stately game of kings began in the 12th century when shepherds passed the time by trying to knock stones into holes on the grounds where St. Andrews now sits.

From its ancient beginnings, golf has grown into an international sport, loved the world over. With thousands of courses now available, each offering their own distinct levels of challenge, this is a sport that demands not only physical ability, but also mental acumen.

Although primarily known as a sport of the privileged, golf has had its elusive quality brushed aside thanks to the creation of public courses found throughout the United States and elsewhere. From exclusive, high-end country clubs with Professional Golf Association tournament courses to public play areas with open entry, this is now a sport that cuts across socioeconomic lines.

Demanding on the body and the mind both, golf is a sport that is best improved upon through practice. It takes time, effort and dedication to develop skills that might rival a pro. But, by following these tips for nutrition, fitness, stretching and concentration, you just might find yourself besting your competition by playing like a true pro!


Proper stance is essential for lining up shots correctly and delivering the swing with accuracy and the right amount of power. If your stance is off, your game will be, too. Don’t worry if your stance now is incorrect – many seasoned golfers could stand to improve on this point.

So, how can you improve your stance and play like a pro? Try following these tips:

  • Spread your legs about as wide as your shoulders. Your basic stance should be comfortable and create an inverted “V” with your legs. Remember, you want to be evenly balanced on both legs for a proper swing.
  • Hold your club with the proper grip and then bend forward from the base of your spine. You don’t want to hunch over the ball.
  • Keep your back in line and your knees slightly bent.
  • Do not arch your back or hunch your shoulders when in stance.
  • Make sure your hands hang underneath your shoulders and that the end of the club points toward your stomach.

To test the alignment of your stance, try these things:

  • Put yourself into your normal, natural stance.
  • Aim at your target and then lay your club down on the ground.
  • Step back behind the ball and the club and sight in your shot (like a pool player might).
  • If your club is slightly left of the target, you’re on track. If it’s to the right, your lineup needs improving.

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