Tips And Techniques For Basketball Players: Play Like A Pro! Hand Eye Coordination


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Basketball is an amazing game, a quick-paced, non-stop sport with end-to-end action, featuring great athletes with incredible hand-eye coordination. There are many ways amateur athletes can improve themselves and their game to help them play like a pro. By practicing drills, conditioning, following a strict diet, and improving hand-eye coordination, you’ll be paying like your favorite pros in no time.


While fundamentals of shooting a basketball involve many physical attributes, such as wrist control, finger positioning, and arm strength, it’s also important to have good hand-eye coordination. It’s all about aim to get the ball going on the right trajectory and into the basket, or sizing up that bank shot.

One way to improve hand-eye coordination is through playing video games. Although it’s not a good idea to constantly play video games, it is a good exercise. A new game for the Nintendo DS system is “Flash Focus.” This is a product along the lines of “Brain Age,” which is meant to develop mental sharpness. “Flash Focus” is specifically designed to help improve hand-eye coordination. The game concentrates on improving peripheral vision, visual acuity, and hand-eye coordination.

Here are some other ways you can improve your hand-eye coordination:

1. Connect Four
This may be a child’s game, but this three-dimensional game of tic-tac-toe helps with visual organization and planning.

2. Speed Bag
Using the boxing speed bag helps players by making contact with this fast-moving target. This is also an excellent cross-training method, as it provides a great cardiovascular workout.

3. Wall ball
This is an excellent drill for basketball players. Stand with a basketball in front of a flat wall. Throw the ball against the wall and catch it, and repeat this quickly. After you’ve warmed up, then start throwing the ball against the wall with one hand, and pushing it back against the wall as if you were dribbling, using your fingertips in a cupped hand position. Then do the drill with your opposite hand.

4. Racquet sports
Whether its ping pong, tennis, or racquetball, playing sports that involve hitting a ball with a racquet greatly helps improve hand-eye coordination. These kinds of exercises do not have to be organized either. A ping pong table can be set up so one side is vertical, allowing a player to play as an individual. Or, find a public park that has a racquetball facility. If you don’t have a racquet, use a baseball bat or even a sturdy stick to hit a tennis ball against the wall.

5. Goalie
Stand in front of a goal (real or makeshift) and have someone toss a ball at you. This can be any sized ball. The hitch is that you can only stop the ball with your hands. If it’s a small ball, try to catch it. If it’s a large ball, prevent it from going into the goal.

Follow these tips and techniques, and you will grow into an excellent basketball player!

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