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I was introduced to the Keys to Success Club when I met Mark Taylor at an Internet Marketing seminar back in 2008.

Tell us about The Keys to Success Club.
How did you get started? Can you give us a bit of background about you became involved in online business/communities?
The reason I became interested in an online business is because I was looking for a mechanism that would give me global reach.   From a personal perspective I was also interested in building a business they gave me geographic freedom as well as enabling the principle of passive income, whereby the business would generate income without having to trade for dollars.
I have always had an interest in the latest trends and technology and felt that the online world continued to be cutting edge and the way of the future.
What is special about the products or services you provide to your customers?
That is a really interesting question.  We operate in three main fields: property, business and personal development.  Of course there are many competitors and other offerings in these three very popular fields.
We offer a comprehensive range of high value services, but in essence, we consider ourselves a portal enabling people to tap into a network of experts there would never normally have access to.  Our community spirit means that our members have a trusted sounding board for support as they navigate their own personal journey of success.
The other aspect that makes us standout is our commitment to the club’s core purpose which is to create “peace of mind” millionaires.  Many people in the fields of property and business are solely in it in order to generate personal wealth and achieve status in society.  We believe that this is futile unless you have achieved peace of mind.  Hence our specific interest in personal development in order to create empowered individuals that can truly benefit themselves, people close to them, and the world at large.
Do you advertise?
We have done sporadic advertising in the past.  For example we have paid for advertising on virgin blue in flight magazine, as well as paid directory listings.  We are currently looking at some new techniques for paid online advertising.
A lot of our focus is providing quality expect content that enables us to get exposure for free.  One example of this is the property column that we provide for Rex airline magazine.  We also run the three blogs, one for each of our target markets.
How do you find the experts you present each month?
We do this through a combination of our own personal networks across the Keys To Success Club leadership team and expert panel, as well as targeted approaches to individuals who we feel can offer something new and different over and above our existing network.
We ensure that we provide the fantastic value proposition to experts we approach in order for it to become a “no brainer” in terms of providing expert opinion an content.  One of the ways we do this is by tapping into our promotions framework which we have set up to give good exposure for any experts that provide us with content.

What are the top 3 things that someone would need to know to get started online?

The number one piece of advice for people looking to get started online is to make sure that there is a genuine market demand for what you’re offering.  This is quite different to assuming there is a market demand because you think you have such a great product or offering.  As well as market demand you need to think about the price people are prepared to pay compared to the start up and ongoing costs.
The second piece advice is that you need to be clear that to operate online requires the same principles, philosophies and disciplines of running a traditional business.
Finally, I would urge people to really think about how they’re going to get people to find out about their online venture as traffic generation can be one of the biggest challenges in this sector.

Does a person need much experience in business to get started?

That really depends on the model they are choosing.  You can get involved in online ventures through some relatively simple models such as Affiliate Marketing as one example.  Having said that, having previous business experience is likely to be a helpful asset as for me being online is simply one form of business.
What are some of the common problems people experience getting online/into property/investing?
This is a great question and one I am really passionate about as it is one of the reasons why I set up Keys To Success Club.  From a personal point of view one of the great frustrations for me when I was getting involved in the online world and property investing is the difficulty in finding the right information, the right people to talk to and the right support in what can be a very challenging journey.
As a result of this, and I can say this from personal experience, people run into problems making critical decisions without the right level of education, getting involved with people who do not have their best interests at heart and can end up wasting a lot of time, energy and motivation levels especially in the early stages.
One of the other things I observe, is that people underestimate the importance of their personal mindset and belief systems.  If there are significant issues in this area, the chances of success in no matter what area they focus on will be significantly reduced.
Where can people find more information about the Keys to Success Club?
There is plenty of information on Keys To Success Club on our web site
Feel free to contact me directly on or by phone on 1300 224 593.

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