The Cost of Producing a Teleseminar It’s More Affordable than You Think…

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Teleseminars are very popular medium for communication and marketing because they are easy to set up and relatively cheaper to produce.  They’re a favorite among marketers and business owners because they offer a potentially big return on investment.  But how much does producing a teleseminar cost exactly?  Let’s just say it won’t break the bank.

The value of your time
Teleseminars last anywhere from half an hour to an hour – more, depending on the speaker and on how lively your discussion will be.  Probably the most number of hours you will spend as a host or speaker is on the preparation of the materials you will use for the teleseminar itself.

The cost incurred for the value of your time will cover for activities such as research, interviews, surveys or polls, preparation of teleseminar lecture guide, negotiations with teleconferencing services, marketing and promotions and the set up.

To complete these activities, the cost would probably range from $0.00 or just the value of your time to a few hundred dollars for conducting surveys and polls and producing teleseminar marketing materials.

Cost of hiring an assistant

With enough skills in technology, you could probably handle producing a teleseminar on your own.  Automated systems will do the job a lot faster than you ever could (and much more efficiently).  In some cases, though, you might feel you will need the services of an assistant to help you with the administrative tasks.  Since you will be paying for the hours spent by this assistant, the expense will be included in the cost of producing a teleseminar.

How much will the cost be?  Assistants generally charge by the hour or if you need their services from preparation to the day of the teleseminar, perhaps you can arrange to pay for a flat rate instead.

Cost of teleconferencing

Probably the biggest expense you will incur when producing a teleseminar is for the cost of the rent for conference bridge lines.  As can be expected, fees vary depending on the company and on the service package they are offering.  Shop around, particularly because not every option on a package may be useful for you.

To rent conference bridge lines, you can choose from a 24/7 dedicated line or a temporary bridge line.  The former is a good choice and more cost effective if you will be producing teleseminars regularly and frequently.  Long-term agreements of this kind will save a lot of money.  Monthly fees cost an average of about $50, along with other services.

However, if you will be hosting teleseminars periodically, per hour rentals will be a better option.  Check with your provider for bulk hourly rates because these are cheaper.

Recording options

Most of these types of services also offer audio recording so you can document your lecture or turn it into a product later.  The cost of this bridge line service for your teleseminar is around $250 for one session, with a caller capacity of about 100 to 200.  Extra lines are charged separately while recording options are inclusive.

Would you like operator assistance?  You’ll have to pay extra for this service.

Now for the good news…

If the cost of the teleconferencing service scares you off, there is an option for you if you’re penny-pinching.  There are many bridge line services that you can use for free.  Caller capacity range from 100 to 200 and there are other perks as well.  You can record the teleseminar (still at no cost) and use the content as another product.

Probably the only drawback is that you work on your own.  But services such as these are often reliable, so you should be able to bring down the cost of producing a teleseminar to a really low level.

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