Selling Your Wedding Dress To Recoup Some Of The Costs


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Anyone that has even gotten married or helped someone else plan a wedding will tell you that it can be expensive to get married. No matter how closely you try to stick to your budget and cut corners, there are certain costs involved. Some people to save money decide to sell some of their wedding items after their wedding including their wedding dress. Many people are willing to purchase a used wedding dress to save money on their own wedding, so it isn’t that difficult to find someone willing to buy your dress. There are some things that you can do to help ensure that your dress sells for the best possible price, so keep reading.

If your wedding dress looks like it has never been worn, has no rips, tears, or stains, it is quite possible to get back at least half of what you paid for it if you know how to sell it correctly.

If you decide to sell your dress, the first thing to do is take it to a reputable professional cleaner to have it cleaned. In most cases, this costs around $50, but can really improve your profit from selling your dress. Many people have this done anyway even if they
aren’t planning to sell their wedding dress. It helps with preserving the dress for future brides in your family!

You don’t want to store the dress in plastic after the wedding, as it could be damaged by humidity or stretched by placing it on a hanger. There are specially designed boxes that you can purchase, designed to keep dust out, to place your wedding dress in after it has been wrapped in acid proof paper.

There are many places that you can list your wedding dress for sale. If you decide to sell the dress locally you may want to list it in the classified ads of your local newspaper or community website OR put it in a consignment shop. If you go with the consignment shop you will have to share part of the profit.

Of course, you can take pictures of your wedding dress; the more detailed the better, and list it for sale online, either through your own website, or an auction site such as E-Bay. This is one of the more common ways of selling used wedding dresses. Set the minimum amount you are willing to take for the dress, include shipping costs, and then let bidders duke it out. If you have the ability to do buy it now you may sell the dress sooner than you think, so set the price a little higher.

Many people choose to hold onto their wedding dresses as part of their wedding day memorabilia. If you don’t particularly care, selling your wedding dress can help you recover from some of the costs spent on the wedding and give you some extra money that can be put to good use!

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