Sandwich Maker Madness – The Magic Begins


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You can cook just about anything on a Sandwich Maker – trust me – I have!

I have long loved my sandwich maker – without a doubt it is the most useful appliance in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how small your kitchen area is, even if it is a dorm room or tiny alcove,a sandwich maker can be a great addition and money saver.

One of the best things about using a sandwich maker is the versatility and variety of foods you can create.

For instance – do you like crispy potatoes?  By slicing a clean potato in thin slices (2-3cm wide) and brushing a small amount of butter onto the surface of the sandwich maker you can make great potatoes.  Be sure to turn them a few times, getting them evenly brown on both sides. ALso, don’t put a lid on them on a plate as they will get soggy from the heat trapped under the lid.

Or maybe Sunday breakfast includes bacon and eggs – the sandwich maker is great for cooking the bacon so that is it soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. Time your eggs and toast to come out just when the bacon is ready – really stuck for a stove?  You can even cook the egg on the sandwich maker after you have finished the bacon.

We also make delicious, juicy salmon with our sandwich maker.  Use a piece of baking paper (or directly on the surface of the sandwich maker), get it hot and place the piece of salmon on the paper or sandwich maker plate, sprinkle with garlic powder or use a bit of Teriyaki marinade to season.  Cover with a lid to keep the heat in for about 10-15 minutes max.  Yum Yum!

I will be publishing more recipes soon and hopefully will get some pictures to illustrate the recipes!

In the meantime check out these sandwich makers from Gordon Walters Retravision in Morningside, QLD

BSG520 This one would be great for making potatoes, salmon and bacon!


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