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Pro-TEST Services has been supplying Spill Station products in QLD for the last 5 years. Using the environmental training obtained through the petroleum industry we are able to assist you in making the right choice for your Flammable Spill Cabinet needs.

We can help you determine what size you require to ensure that your flammable goods are safely stored . The flammable liquid storage cabinets are Australian made and built to comply with Australian Standard AS1940-2004. This standard specifies how flammable and combustible liquids need to be stored. Having Environmental Auditing experience means we can help you understand the standard if necessary.

The Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets are designed to be used with all Class 3 liquids, and come with all required signage attached. Strong and well-built, these cabinets a continuous piano hinge, this ensures smooth door opening and closure, with the additional 3-point safety latch and sequentially closing doors adding that extra level of security.

The cabinets come in many sizes and options to suit the space and size of your containment needs. Made with double skin 1.2mm coated steel, built-in ground connector, perforated adjustable shelves that direct any leakage to the sump for easy clean-up, should a spill occur it won’t get outside the cabinet.

Instructions attached to the inside of the door complete the deal.

These cabinets come in the following sizes:

Item Code Description Capacity










BCFLS30L Metal, 1 Door, 1 Shelf, 6 x 2.5L Bottles 30 800 505 460 53
BCFLS60L Metal, 1 Door,2 Shelves, 12x 2.5L Bottles 60 1605 505 460 62
BCFLS100L Metal, 2 Door, 1 Shelf, 15 x 2.5L Bottles 100 800 920 615 100
BCFLS160L Metal, 2 Door, 2 Shelves, 6 x 20L cans 160 1295 1100 460 138
BCFLS250L Metal, 2 Door, 3 Shelves, 9 x 20L cans 250 1825 1100 500 187
BCFLS250LE Metal, 1 Door, 3 Shelves, 12 x 20L cans 250 1825 760 830 196
BCFLS250LEC Metal, 2 Door, 3 Shelves, 12 x 20L cans 250 1825 1430 580 229
BCFLS250LVD Metal, 1 Door for 250L Drum Vertical 205 1760 840 795 180
BCFLS250LHD Metal, 1 Door for 250L Drum Horizontal 205 1435 820 1240 170

For the time being these cabinets are being sold free into store – which means you save a bundle and get to be environmentally safe and meeting your storage requirements.  It’s a win win win!

Call Susie on 07 3893 1547 for a quote  on the pricing of  Australian Made Flammable Liquid Storage cabinets.


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