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Before you can start your own painting business, you need to know everything that you can learn about different types of paints.  You are going to need to know which paint works best for which type of job.

When you are using paints, you will want to wear a mask over your nose and mouth to avoid inhaling the fumes.  Even latex paint, which is commonly used for exterior painting, carries some toxic fumes.  You should also require that your workers also wear paint masks to avoid inhaling any fumes.

Some of the most commonly used paints and materials that you will be working with include the following:

* Acrylic paint
* Enamel paint
* Wood stain
* Primer
* Glazes

All of these are used for different purposes. For murals and artistic paint, you will usually use water based acrylic paints, although these are used for fine details and small areas, such as stenciling, stamping and free hand artistic painting.

Latex Paint

Acrylic paint is a water based paint, this means that it cleans up easily with water.  It is used for indoor painting.  Latex paint has different finishes.  You can choose a matte finish, eggshell finish, semi-gloss finish or high gloss finish.  The type of finish that you use depends on the area where you are painting.

For walls, you will want to use a matte or flat finish.  A flat finish shows up less imperfections in the walls than a finish with a gloss. If you want to add a bit of sheen, you can use an eggshell finish.

For kitchens and bathrooms, you might want to use a semi gloss. This is easier to clean up than a flat finish, which can be difficult to clean up with water.  High gloss is used for painting woodwork in the home, which needs a primer before painting.

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint has an oil base which means that you have to use paint thinner or turpentine to clean up when using.  Enamel paint is used for exteriors of homes.  Enamel paint also comes glossy and flat.  Flat finish is preferred for home exteriors, although you should talk to the customer to see what is preferred.  Enamel paint is also effective at painting metal, such as gutters and downspouts.

Wood Stain

Wood stain is used on plain wood, decks and even on the exterior of houses.  It is oil based.  It goes on translucent, instead of opaque, like regular paint.  Wood stain is also used on woodwork, primarily new woodwork such as doors and trim that is going into homes.  The process of using wood stain on such woodwork is to paint it on and then wipe it off.  The wood should have a hint of color and still look like wood, instead of painted wood.  You can find wood stain in a variety of different wood shades.  You can also find colored wood stain as well.


Primer is an undercoat that you need to use to cover up previous painting jobs as well as adhere paint to surfaces such as cabinets or wood trim.  You can even use primer on tile floors or walls if you plan to paint them.  Primer can also be used on wood such as paneling, which many people prefer to paint rather than have to remove.

Primer comes in both oil based and water based.  Kilz is an excellent paint primer and goes on well. It comes in both oil and water based products.  The oil based Kilz has a very strong odor, although it tends to adhere better to wood and also provides more coverage.  If you use an oil based primer, be sure to wear a mask to avoid inhaling the fumes.

A primer is white and has a very opaque finish.  It can be used on shiny surfaces so that paint will stick on and will also cover up mistakes that may have been made.  If, for example, you go to paint a house that has bright pink walls, you will have to use primer to prevent the color from bleeding through when you are painting the walls with the new paint.

When painting wood with primer, you are better off to sand down the wood first.  The primer will cover up very dark cabinets and make them eligible for getting painted with light colored paint.  Many people today are opting to paint old cabinetry rather than go for new cabinets in order to give their home a new look and also save money.


Glaze is used in decorative interior painting.  It is used for a variety of different painting purposes and is used for faux painting.  Glaze can come clear or it can come in colors.  It goes on very smooth and usually wipes off.  It can be used to create a variety of different decorative finishes for the home.

Other products that you need include paint brushes, rollers and trays.  You should stay away from cheap products if you plan on having a professional painting business as they will not give you a good finish.  You should use good paint brushes that will not lose their bristles and also good rollers that will provide a smooth finish on the walls and ceilings.  Use a hard metal tray and tray liners so that you have less of a tendency towards spills.

You should find a paint dealer near you who has premium quality paint.  Gather up some paint chips so that you can show them to your customers.  It cannot be said enough that you should use good quality paint when you are painting anything, be it for yourself or for your business.

The only time you should use contractor’s paint is if you are painting new construction or new drywall.  You want to have the most concentrate of the pigment in the paint and the least amount of water. Contractor’s paint is half paint and half water.

It can be difficult for customers to figure out what they want by looking at tiny paint chips.  While a color may look good on the chip, it may not look good on the walls.  One way to eliminate this problem is to paint a board for the customer with the paint they have selected so that they can see what it looks like.

You can buy small pints of paint for this from a paint dealer with whom you have a good relationship.  If you have a business, chances are that you will get the painting company to provide you with samples of paints for board painting.

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