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LiveF5 CoHost:

  1. Host Hand Off to CoHost – The Host now has the ability to invite and manage CoHosts at any time. You can have any number of CoHosts on your broadcast and easily switch among them on the fly, and the switch is nearly, slides, broadcast, webcam,
  2. Request to be CoHost – Any participant in the broadcast can request to be a CoHost. The Host has the option to suppress these requests.
  3. Invite to be a CoHost – The Host can invite any participant who is listed in the participant tab to be a CoHost.
  4. CoHost without an Account – Any participant can become a CoHost even without an AttainResponse account, the only difference being that they can’t push slides. Obviously, they will also need a mic and/or webcam.
  5. CoHost Private and Public Chat – In addition to the Global chat tab, a Co-Host chat tab will appear when a co-host is present. Only the host and any co-hosts can view and participate in this chat.
  6. CoHost Preview Window – When you are a CoHost, but not yet presenting (which is the “OnDeck” status) a view of the current Host’s video and slides allows you to watch the broadcast while preparing your camera settings, slides, etc.
  7. Table of Contents on Archived Recording – A new chapter is created whenever a CoHost becomes the live presenter. These chapters are listed in a Table of Contents overlay in your recording. Your viewers can skip to specific chapters when viewing your archived broadcast simply by clicking on a chapter title. After you end your broadcast the chapter edit mode automatically appears, allowing your to rename any chapter. In addition, when viewing your archive from your LiveF5 Home tab the chapter edit mode is automatically launched rather than the standard playback mode, so you can edit your chapter names at any time.

Additional LiveF5 Features:

  1. Record Broadcast Button – You can now start and stop recording your broadcast at a time of your choosing, rather than when you click the Start Broadcast or Stop Broadcast buttons. This will help eliminate the recording of any dead time before or after your presentation in your archived broadcasts.
  2. On-video Status Overlay – An overlay on the video feed will tell you whether you’re currently broadcasting (Live) or not (OnDeck). You, as a Host, will have the OnDeck status before you begin broadcasting; a Host or CoHost will have this status while waiting to become the Live presenter.
  3. Cleaner PPT and PDF Conversion – When you upload a Powerpoint or PDF file to MediaF5, it will be converted as usual, however, the converted images will no longer appear in that folder and create unnecessary clutter and storage. In addition, the image gallery that was previously created is no longer created. Now you simply work with your file only. When you select the file in the new “Share/Documents” tab, the slides will be available in the preview filmstrip just as before.
  4. “Documents” Tab Within the New “Share” Tab – The previous “Galleries” tab has been renamed to the “Share” tab. Within the Share tab you now have two options for sharing, one for Documents and one for Galleries. Within the Documents tab you can create, edit and delete folders as well as upload PowerPoint and PDF files directly. This saves you the time and hassle of having to first upload it in the All Files tab of MediaF5.
  5. Mute Your Audio – You can choose to mute your audio at any time during a broadcast with the click of a button. This will allow you to hold an audio conference, for collaborating, while presenting slides rather than broadcasting audio, which is one way. Audio conferencing currently not included – hint, hint :).
  6. Audio-only Broadcast – You can choose to hold an audio-only broadcast simply by clicking the video suppression button at any time before or during your broadcast.
  7. Standalone Chat Widget – You can now embed a standalone chat widget alongside your video player widget. The chat log is not recorded. This new chat widget has a solid list of cool features, so check it out.
  8. New LiveF5 Player – The LiveF5 player has been updated to have a more professional design and layout. It now fades in instead of sliding in, has rounded edges, is more compressed, the play/pause/etc. buttons are smaller, and the dropdown menu for adjusting the video size has been replaced by four small buttons.
  9. Redesigned Video and Chat Panel Layouts – The video and chat panels have been redesigned to provide a cleaner, more professional layout as well as provide more space to the chat area.
  10. Blinking Chat Notification – If text is entered into a chat (Global or CoHost) and you’re not viewing the Chat tab, the tab will blink to notify you of new activity.
  11. FMLE for Mac Support – We now support Flash Live Media Encoder for Mac.  We changed the tab names to reflect that we support these products fully.

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