Marketing Your Products Through Teleseminars


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You may be having a hard time marketing your products through the Internet, especially if there aspects to your products that you cannot explain. Now, imagine how much harder to market services are: are you a massage specialist, hair stylist, or even a professor or lecturer hoping to make a killing online?

It can be hard to convince people to avail of your services if you do not have concrete proof of your abilities, and so much harder if you do not talk to them personally. Websites can be great in featuring products and how they look, but they can be quite impersonal when you need to talk to people and address their needs.

One way for you to get over this hurdle is to conduct a teleseminar. Basically, a teleseminar is a seminar that is conducted over the telephone. This keeps you from having to go through the long, costly process of booking a venue for your activity, feeding your guests, and giving them either free samples or paraphernalia.

It also gives your guests the chance to hear what you have to say without them having to leave their homes. On both sides of the knowledge divide, there are advantages, and if you have a product, you can use the advantages of teleseminars in order to get your word across.

All that you need is a bridge line to allow a lot of people to listen to you. The people who need to listen to you need only a telephone number as well as an access code in order to listen to your seminar. If you are going to market a product, a teleseminar can be great: it can allow you to answer questions and address issues that you might not have anticipated had you not consulted your target market. If you are going to market your product through a teleseminar, here are a few tips that you may want to take into account:

– Have you ever heard the expression that if you smile, you can tell over the phone? Keep this in mind as you conduct the seminar. You need to appear enthusiastic (but not overeager) and you need to appear as though you are made happy by your own product. If you can’t be happy because of your own product, who else can be made happy by it?

– If you are going to create a network marketing scheme around your product, you can also use your teleseminars to train the people that you hope will sell your product. Teleseminars have been used for training, and you can use this aspect of the teleseminar not only in selling your product at first, but in sustaining sales.

For instance, if your product requires special training to be used, then you might conduct a teleseminar in order to get people to learn how to use it. You may also conduct follow up training for all the updates that you make to your product.

– Sustain your sales by having teleseminars constantly: this can allow you to keep in touch with your customers, and it can polish off your reputation as someone who cares about customers more than sales. You can have teleseminars that are useful to your target market, but mention your product only briefly. This way, you can still market your product without appearing like a hard-selling salesperson.

– Always provide information on where people can buy your product, and what they can get out of it. Moreover, be persuasive in telling people that they should get the product.

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