Marketing Secrets: Your Herd is Looking for a Leader


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We like to think of ourselves as independent individuals. Yet we seem almost hard-wired to form groups and select a leader. And we've done this throughout time — from finding a chief to lead our tribes to selecting a CEO to lead our company to choosing presidents, kings and prime ministers to lead our countries.

Here's the thing: Your prospects are the same way. They too are looking for a leader. And you're the perfect person to step into that position to lead your niche market — and in doing so, you easily make more money, sales and customers using your newfound status as an expert.

Being a leader in your niche doesn't mean you need to be able to give passionate speeches or that you need the charisma to persuade people to drink spiked Kool Aid. What it does mean is that you need to be able to rally a group of people, establish yourself as the leader and expert, and compel the group to take action.

Sound hard? It's not. That's because you only need a few things to make this work to your advantage. Namely:

* Passionate prospects. Here's the good news: You don't have to create passion or convince someone to get excited about an idea. And that's because your passionate prospects ALREADY exist. What you need to do is use traditional market research to uncover hungry customers. Those special interest consumers are your passionate prospects.

* A way to reach these groups? There are some hobby/interest groups that may be difficult to reach unless you have and in, deep pockets and can do some mass marketing. Fortunately, you can reach many groups and associations online. They're looking for information in the search engines, they're visiting forums in their niche, they're on social media sites like and and All you have to do is reach them through these various mediums and convince them to come to your into your bricks and mortar business or online shop,join your newsletter list, subscribe to your blog and buy your products. Once they realize you're an expert — and the leader they're looking for — they'll do so eagerly.

*The willingness to establish yourself as an expert and lead. Finally, you need to be willing to establish yourself as an expert in your business line and project the image of a cool, confident and strong leader.

The first two points I mentioned above are marketing 101 — market research and advertising. But it's that third point — establishing yourself as an expert and confident leader — that most people never consider. And yet if you think about who's raking in the massive amounts of money in businesses of all kinds, you'll discover it's the experts, leaders and specialty products gurus.

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