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I have been a member of the Keys to Success Club for a couple of years – and have always found their content to be fantastic!

Mark has an amazing resource of talented individuals that are at the top of their fields –   Property Development, Real Estate, Online Enterprise and more.  I have heard some of these people talk at seminars and know them to be full of genuine knowledge that is openly shared.

The mix of backgrounds and experience of the contributors to his club creates an encyclopaedia, a fount of information.

This is my testimony to Mark:

9 June 2010

Hi Mark,

I would like to interview you for my site.

The reason being I may be getting a bit more traffic as time goes on and I wanted to feature you and how you have your site – your community and the fabulous information you offer.  I realise I am not going to be able to provide all the niche information people need – and to be able to have some resources and trustworthy people like yourself is important to me.  You have a well thought out range of “guests” – I wish I had more time to spend looking at it all.

I have been finding the stats reveal so much about how Google & Yahoo bots work – I am noticing a pattern – and if the information on my site is updated – just like yours – the tide of spiders and bots goes up.  I know this seems obvious – but I treat it like a game – I leave bait – specific bait – with qualifiers sprinkled (take an article about painting and inserting “DULUX”) it was picked up by the spiders within hours.

Additionally there is a direct corollary from when I tweet and link to my site than when I don’t – it all combines to make an interesting stew of information about what people are looking for.

Thank you again,  Susie Jones

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