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How you present to your potential clients and customers, be it perceived or in dollars and cents, will determine whether they become clients or customers. Even if you are only asking $9.95 for a $297 product, you need show the value of your product, how it will benefit the purchaser, or it won’t sell at all.

Perceived value is the amount the client believes the product to be worth. The worth to them can be based on a number of things. How can this help solve a problem? What will this do for me that brand X won’t? Why should I pay this amount when I can get it for a much lower price somewhere else?

It’s up to you to answer these and any other questions they may have. Your mission is to prove to them this product will more than fulfill its promise. Make them feel that it is a
bargain at twice the price. When it comes to perceived value, it’s all in the presentation. There is a need to point out all of the products benefits. How it does this to cure that. Use comparisons to illustrate the way your product out performs the competition. Offer testimonials from satisfied users to show its high lights.

As your potential client reads about and sees the product in action you want to be building a sense of need. You want to plant the seed in their mind that life just wouldn’t be right without this. When they get to the bottom of the page they should be begging you to let them buy from you. Ideally they should be doing this before they get 2/3 through it.

Another way to build value is to show actual dollars and cents figures. Provide the customer with an inventory of the steps and procedures involved involving your products. Let the clients see the actual value of the quality process it took to make your inventory of goods, with their own eyes.

Put all of these in a graphic to emphasize how much effort and expense was put into this project. Yes, quite a few retailers and wholesalers do this. The fact is not lost on them or their customers when it comes down to deciding how much this product is worth.

As you go through this process you need to avoid implying that it has put you out in any
way, shape or form. If the buyer sees and acknowledges the outstanding quality of your
product it will be understood that you put a lot into it. Besides, they are concentrating on
their problems or needs and how your product will alleviate them.

Remember to put yourself in their place and appreciate the perspective of your customers and clients as you assemble your presentation. See things through their eyes. They are the ones making the determination of the worth of your product and the decision to take out their wallet.

If you do these things in the correct way there will be no need for convincing anyone to
purchase your products. They will sell themselves. People will see them for the true value they offer.

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