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You are too late!  This deal has ended – however – if you are interested in this sort of thing there is another way you can get this information and more!  The World Internet Summit is being held in Sydney in Feb 2011.  I have attended these seminars before and they are fabulous.  Check out the details for the World Internet Summit here .

I was watching one of Jeff’s presentation on Unstoppable Traffic Formula I was amazed at his strategies. This is genuine just have to get down and do it work, but it is obvious that once it is done it will be a wheel that keeps going –

He believes that most SEO tactics are spam and that it isn’t necessary to pay for traffic. There are many – 14 to be exact – ways to get better traffic numbers for free!

More people use YouTube to search – 28.1% of the searches performed are for videos. The younger generations, which represent a large portion of the buying internet user, search for video more often than text.

Within your video, you want to tell them to do “Your Most Desired Action”. If it’s give me your email and I will send you free stuff, then say it. If it’s come to my site and buy my stuff, then say that too@!

Clearly tell them. Go to my site and buy cool stuff.

Do not use auto-loaders to put the YouTube vids in – do each by hand and optimize them as you go. Use Keywords in the titles and in the images text (Alt text).

Have a link to your blog on the video and have the video on your blog.

This is all information I learned from one video by Jeff Johnson – his way of working with the search engines is amazing – and I can testify that it works. Have a look at this video:

I would love to talk to other business owners out there! It is important that we share information with each other – teach each other how to excel and improve every day, as people and as entrepreneurs.

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